Your new guide to Illinois cannabis lounges with more coming

Your new guide to Illinois cannabis lounges

With cannabis consumption lounges opening everywhere, it’s time for a guide. While we’ve covered this topic a lot, it’s always better when you have a one-stop to go to. This will be a work in progress, since a new club seems to be opening every week. So here’s your new guide to Illinois cannabis lounges, with more coming.

How do you define a weed lounge?

Weed lounges, or cannabis consumption clubs, have certain confines. At least in Illinois, when you go to one of these clubs, you have to bring your own product. The lounges cannot sell cannabis or cannabis products on site. They might have a partnership with a nearby dispensary, but they can’t sell any weed in the club itself.

What kind of cannabis can you bring?

It depends. Some lounges allow everything, others have restrictions such as no edibles. Make sure you find out in advance.

Do they serve alcohol?

No alcohol, and most lounge owners don’t want to. The clubs are about and for cannabis consumption.

So what are these Illinois 420 clubs?

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Aroma’s Hookah Bar

You’ll find this establishment in the college town of DeKalb.  Aroma’s is a standard hookah bar, with all of the flavored smoke selections you would expect to find. They’re expanding into the world of cannabis, with specific BYOM (bring your own marijuana) hours.

Chicago area lounge from Rise

Soon to open and soon to be named in Mundelein, in suburban Chicago. Rise, the dispensary brand owned by GTI, is opening this lounge. As no surprise, the lounge will be located right next door to Rise’s Mundelein dispensary location.

High Harbor Cannabis Lounge & Event Center

In Peoria, this space plans to feature two cannabis consumption lounges and private event spaces. One is the Skyway Lounge, hosting live entertainment and educational seminars, with a bar for glass rentals. For a members only, premium experience, you can visit the VIP Lava Lounge. 

Luna Lounge

Located in Sesser, in downstate Illinois. Luna Lounge was the first weed consumption club to open up in the state, the one that got the ball rolling.

What else

If you live along the Illinois state line, you might also be interested in weed lounges in Michigan and Missouri. Expect to hear more about these in the near future.

Be sure to check back on this guide regularly, and it will expand and update as more Illinois cannabis lounges open up for business, and weed gets more and more mainstream.