You Want Your Weed Dinner Now. Where Can You Get It?

You want your weed dinner now. Where can you get it?

One of the brightest spots in the country on the legal adult use cannabis landscape is the infused dining scene. This is an area in which small business owners can shine. An independent entrepreneur can really thrive here, if they’re an accomplished chef and can deliver on both the food and the THC. This is a great thing, as big business has already grabbed up a lot of real estate in the legal marijuana world. These mom and pop clubs have been a huge hit in each city and state in which they operate. We’ve heard from you, we’re listening to you, so now we’re going to break it all down. You want your weed dinner now. Where can you get it?

Where are weed infused dinners currently available?

The legal cannabis scene is exploding, but it’s still so new. As a result, we’re still adding to this list as we speak. We’re covering new cities and states frequently, so check this guide often for updates. See below, in order of states:

1. Arizona

We’ve got your update for you right here.

2. Illinois

Check out your cannabis dining options here and here.

3. Massachusetts

Here is where you can find your choices in the area.

4. Maine

Check out your options in Maine here.

5. Michigan

We’ve covered your options here.

6. New Jersey

Here’s where you can find your options.

7. New York

Look here to learn about your choices in the area.

8. Nevada

We’ve got selections for you to check out right here.

Bottom Line

Keep checking back with us about cannabis infused dining options. As more states start to legalize, we’re going to have more cities within them to add to the list. We’ll have more types of cuisine, fine dining to fast food, and event options. Don’t forget, though, to keep in mind the best practices when ingesting edibles. Consuming edibles is different from smoking flower. The onset of the effect of THC is delayed and more intense. So you want to start low, slow, and go from there. We want you to have a good time and get the most out of your infused dining experience. Stay up to date with our resources, and we’ll keep you informed.