Women in Cannabis, check out these 3 resources

Want to launch a cool cannabis startup in Illinois?

Hey, where are the women in cannabis? There seemed to be a lot of women in the business a few years ago. The numbers now seem to be on the decline. Unfortunately, this seems to point to the trends that affect just about every other industry. Now that the legal marijuana industry is maturing, there’s big money in it. With big money, come the big boys taking over. The big boys tend to favor funding men rather than women. As a result, women in weed has dropped in the past few years. At the same time, however, some viable organizations have come on the scene to provide help. So, women in marijuana, check out these 3 resources:


Ok, so what are they?


1. The Initiative – Incubator for Women in Cannabis

The Initiative is an accelerator for female founders. They hold an on-site bootcamp, focusing on businesses in consumer packaged goods. They also assist with funding resources. Located out of Portland, they accept applicants from all over the country. If you want funding, this program could be right for you. Learn more about the program and how to apply here.

2. Women Grow – Leadership Training

Women Grow is not in Illinois. While they have a nationwide focus, Illinois women can still benefit. The group holds national conferences with the goal of developing leaders. Women who attend can go to talks, break-out sessions and workshops on a variety of topics. Education is a huge part of what Women Grow provides. This includes information on how to get into the industry, as well as networking advice. Learn about membership here.

3. Illinois Women In Cannabis

This organization is exactly what its name says they are. They provide networking and job opportunities for women. The Illinois marijuana industry is young, so this group seems to focus mostly on advocacy. That said, they host quarterly networking events. Some members have gotten jobs as a result. Read more here.


So while it’s true that the same barriers exist in cannabis that basically exist in other industries, if you’re a woman who wants your place at the table, you have to find ways around this. Same as it ever was. So the good news is, there are resources for women in the pot industry and women who would like to be in cannabis. You need to network, to put yourself out there, meet people, build relationships, build community. Do these things, and you WILL find your place. Same as every other industry, right?