Why Oklahoma should be your next weed destination now

Why Oklahoma Should Be Your Next Weed Destination Now

Want to know the one cannabis friendly place you should put on your list to visit in 2022? Oklahoma. Yep, the Sooner State, where college football is a business. Intrigued? Here’s why Oklahoma should be your next weed destination now.

It’s officially medical only… but

The cannabis industry in Oklahoma has a reputation for having minimal regulation and accessible barriers to entry, especially when compared to other states. As a result, the Sooner State has seen explosive growth in its weed business.

Fewer restrictions

In Oklahoma you can grow as many plants as you want, with no limit to grows or dispensaries, unlike that of other states. And keep in mind, that this is a medical only state. As a result, Oklahoma now has the most medical marijuana patients in the nation.

Additionally, considering that land is cheap and doctors conduct virtual consultations to help people get medical licenses in 15 minutes, without needing to approve medical conditions, it’s no wonder that Oklahoma is such growing weed market.

Cannabis consumption lounges

While Oklahoma has a respectable number of dispensaries, what’s really unique is the number of weed lounges you can find. That makes it worth the visit alone. Here’s the list in progress:

Gator Alley Lounge

A favorite 420-friendly patio & social cannabis club, downtown on Main Street at PlantMed in OK City. Learn more here.

Budz Lounge

Located in Wagoner, Budz is a 420 consumption lounge also offering live music, pool, and more. Check it out more details.

Club Med Lounge

A relaxing, social atmosphere for those who want a place of their own to medicate. Conveniently located next to dispensary UWD Norman, the lounge is filled with furniture, entertainment in every room, snacks and drinks. Get more info.

OC Gold Leaf / Merry Lounge

In South Oklahoma City, you can pay a $5 drop in fee or $30 per month, open 7 days a week.

What’s next

Check back soon as we look ahead to what’s happening in Illinois cannabis in 2022.