Who’s thirsty for the best new cannabis beers?

How do you like to consume your weed? Do you like inhale it? Or do you prefer ingesting it through an oil form, or through some kind of edible? Maybe you just want to be able to drink it. If you’re into drinking it, you’ve got a ton of options right there. You can get anything from coffee to wine THC infused beverages. You can also find several options in an ale form, if that interests you. So, who’s thirsty for the best new cannabis beers?

So what’s cannabis beer, again?

Remember, when we’ve covered weed beer in the past, that cannabis beer typically does not combine alcohol and THC. Or, the ABV is very, very low. So, marijuana beer is essentially beer stripped of its alcoholic content, containing a majority THC. Many manufacturers have worked years to create tasty, potent THC beers, as the first efforts were notoriously bad. They had challenges such as getting plant oils to mix effectively with the beverage, and a bad overall texture. The following beer brands have solved that issue. So check ’em out.

Best new cannabis beers

1. Pale Haze

Pale Haze is one of High Style Brewing’s new line of cannabis beers. The brewery’s beers contain less than 0.5% alcohol, infused with 10mg of THC. Made in San Diego, this is the first area brewing company to produce only Cannabis-infused beers. Pale Haze is – yes, you guessed it – a Pale Ale with a smooth, crisp finish. Find out where to buy.

2. New West

Two Roots Brewing makes New West, a THC-infused IPA. With an ABV of 0.5%, and 5mg THC, this beverage consists of light malts and oats that create a bright look, well balanced with fruit forward hop aroma and flavor. That, and 100 calories per serving to boot. Check out where you can get it, as well as additional offerings from Two Roots.

3. Hop Chronic

This is a THC Infused IPA made by Flying Dog Brewery in partnership with Green Leaf Medical Cannabis, awaiting approval from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Hop Chronic will be – yep, you guessed it again – more hop-forward than their regular beers. This beer will contain THC only, no alcohol, which may explain the added hops. Keep up with developments on Flying Dog’s website as to approval and future availability.

4. Blood Orange Haze

Blood Orange Haze is another low-alcohol, THC-infused Cannabis beer by High Style Brewing. This one is a blonde ale, with 10mg of THC. While there is alcohol in the brew, it’s less than 0.5%, so it’s practically non-existent. And if you want to get this California-based beverage, here’s where you can get it.

5. Grapefruit Haze

Grapefruit Haze is the last cannabis beer we’re featuring by High Style.  This one is brewed using a Hefeweizen-inspired recipe, and infused with 10mg of THC. Here’s a where to buy the beer on the High Style Brewing website.

Wrap Up

Check back often with us, as we’ll keep you up to date with the new and varied beers coming out. We anticipate that they’ll be available in more regions throughout the country in the coming months. Soon we’ll cover additional alcoholic drinks infused with cannabis as well, so stay up to date on that too.