Where To Get The Best THC Cartridges in Illinois

Where To Get The Best THC Cartridges in Illinois

So for those of you who may not know, a THC cartridge attaches onto an e-cigarette or vape pen. The whole point is so that you have a small device that is discreet and easy to use. So what you then have is a vape, which is a term we assume you’ve heard many times over the years. Because of its ease of use, many users prefer this method over that of smoking flower or other methods we’ve discussed. If you think that might be for you, here’s where to get the best THC cartridges in Illinois.

What are some other advantages that vapes have?

Before we get to the best, here are some other advantages vaping has over smoking flower:

1. They’re faster as well as discreet

Vapes work faster, since you don’t have to roll or do anything else, and it has little to no scent.

2. Some say they’re healthier

This point about vaping being a healthier alternative is very controversial, but many in cannabis circles believe that vapes produce smoother smoke. As a result, the smoke is said by some to be healthier, as well as more efficient, so you need to use less to get the same effect.

3. Better pain relief

Since vapes are so easy to use, medical use users can get much more efficient relief from anxiety, pain, stress and inflammation.

All right, so where do I get these carts, and what are they?

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

1. Aeriz Lemon Tree

This cartridge from Aeriz contains a cross of Lemon Skunk and the famed Sour Diesel. As a result, the flavor is strong without being overwhelming. You’ll get a deep body high mixed with a pleasant cerebral buzz. Start slow, as you’ll get a super powerful buzz off of this. Containing THC 73.17% CBD 0.21% in 0.5g, here’s where to get it for $52.00.

2. Nature’s Grace Joos

This disposable cartridge is known for its airflow top notch heating elements. The band at the base is designed to increase or decrease airflow, without thinning agents, in brand new packaging. This is available in flavors and strains such as Purple Punch, Critical Cure, Pineapple Express, and more. At 82.2% THC and .38% CBD in 0.5g, here’s where you can currently get this for $55.00.

3. Cultivate IESO

Vape enthusiasts love the Cultivate IESO cartridges for its smooth flavor and great body relaxation. The Gelato strain is one of the most popular, at THC 71% CBD 0.25% for 0.5g. You can also get the Fire OG at THC 70.96% CBD 0.21%, or Thin Mint Cookies at THC 68.3% CBD 0.12%, here for $50.00.

4. 3Chi

If you’re into Delta 8, you’re in luck. 3Chi has a solid selection of carts, ranging from $25-$40. They carry a cool Comfortably Numb selection that also contains a 1 to 1 ratio of Delta 8 to CBN, if you want a sleep aid. Just go to the main menu and select “cartridges” to see what they have to offer. And don’t forget, one of the advantages of Delta 8 is that interstate delivery is not illegal. Just as long as the delivery is from one legal state to another.

5. Elevated Wellness

Similar to 3Chi, Elevated Wellness has a handful of cool Delta 8 products to choose from. Go to the main menu, select “shop now,” and you will see the complete inventory available for purchase. You can choose from the pure extract, terpene infused extract, or the tincture. If you want a tincture, you can choose either 1500mg or 3000 mg. Not bad for mail order.

Wrap Up

So there’s a few for now, and we’ll cover more over the upcoming weeks and months. If you want to know more about concentrates, check out our past article here. We know that the word “best,” can be pretty subjective. So, when we use that word, we use it from a standpoint of popularity, availability, effectiveness, and cost. So hopefully that helps with some of your choices… And maybe you’ll even be able to get them through a vending machine at some point. Good luck!