Where to find the new cannabis food trucks

Where to find the new cannabis food trucks

Looking for a quick lunch bite? Or maybe a late night snack? Depending on where you are, you might be in luck finding your next THC or CBD treat. One of our favorite subjects to cover is edibles and weed infused foods, whether it’s in the Midwest or beyond. Here’s where to find the new cannabis food trucks:

Cannabis food trucks? Is that a legal thing?

Like so many other issues we cover, it’s not illegal in the states in which you’ll find them operating. Also depending on what they serve, they manage to take advantage of legal loopholes.

This is also a very new concept, so expect things to change as it rolls out.

So how do you know if any of these food trucks are coming to your region?

You need to follow their site or social media to find out where they’re going to be next.

Here’s some that are breaking ground in this new area:

High Maintenance Edibles

They are calling themselves the first edibles food truck in Texas, based of Houston, operating all over the state. Now, since adult use Delta-9 THC is not yet legal in Texas, High Maintenance specializes in serving Delta 8 infused foods. Expect their menu to expand once the laws change.

Trap Kitchen

An award winning BIPOC led cannabis business, this is food truck and catering company operating out of LA and Portland. They specialize in serving savory infused edibles.

Taco Demon

If you love late night tacos when you’re out for the evening, this one is for you. Specializing in infused tacos and carnitas, Taco Demon operates in the Los Angeles area.

Cloud Cups

If you prefer your edibles on the sweeter side, check this food truck out. Located out of D.C., they serve infused artisan desserts up and down the east coast.

What’s next?

Expect more of these. The laws are changing. And while we’re not seeing them in Illinois yet, particularly in the Chicago area, that will also change. There’s just too much money in it for that not to happen.

Be sure to check back on this post, as it will update as we have more to add to the growing list.