Where To Find The Best Edibles In New York

Where To Find The Best Edibles In New York

With all of the excitement over cannabis legalization in New York, and things starting to open up once again, it’s an exciting time for the industry on the east coast. Not only that, but since consuming edibles is one of the most popular, creative, and expanding ways of enjoying cannabis, we’re already starting to see great options pop up in the area. Here’s where to find the best edibles in New York.

So what do you consider an edible?

In addition to gummies, chocolate bars, and other treats you typically think of when you think of edibles,, we also include drinkables, capsules, sprays, and even tinctures. This is not to be confused with New York’s THC infused dining scene. Some of these are more available in some states than others, particularly those that have a more mature, long term legal cannabis market in place. However, you already have some great choices in New York to take advantage of. Check them out:


These edibles are essentially firm gels, firmer than gummies without being too hard or sticky. As is typical with an edible, your THC onset will take 30-90 minutes after consuming. Your effects will last 4-6 hours, but know that depending on what else you’ve consumed that day, and your personal tolerance level, the effects can last up to 12 hours. So plan accordingly. Each bottle contains 30 chewable tablets, containing 5 mg of THC and .25 mg of CBD apiece. Available in orange, lemon, and cherry, you can find them at Curaleaf dispensaries in New York.


These are a brand of capsules from PharmaCann. If you like taking your cannabis in a pill form, then this may be for you. Available in a number of dosages and hybrids, you can even get the Blue Extra Strength line, which contains a whopping 9.5 mg of THC and .5 mg of CBD per dosage. Available in 20 and 60 count sizes, this will do the trick for you if you’re looking to get it over and done with. But be warned, this is not for beginners. Available at various New York Verilife dispensaries.


Etain produces a number of different consumables, the most interesting of which is their powder line, which you can add to your coffee or any of your favorite foods. Each dose contains 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD, with 50 doses per bottle. The Forte version of the powder delivers a much stronger punch at 9.5 mg of THC, with a small amount of CBD to take the edge off. Find out where to get Etain products in New York.

What else

This is just the very start of what you’ll find in the New York area. Look for the scene to grow and expand similarly to how it did in other states at the beginning of the legalization process. So check back on this post, as it will update with more and varied options.