What Is The New Seed & Strain Cannabis Product?

What Is The New Seed & Strain Cannabis Product?

If you’re like us, you always want to make sure your cannabis maintains a high quality standard. While we can find this quality more easily, now that cannabis is legalized in so many places, we want it to be as consistent and as streamlined as possible. More and more companies are launching product lines to ensure this quality, regardless of where you buy it, and when. So want to check out the latest offering, here in Illinois? What is the new Seed & Strain cannabis product?

So what is this thing?

Columbia Care’s got a new brand, called Seed & Strain. Under this brand, you’ll soon see a number of flower products hitting the shelves. In addition, you will also soon be able to get tinctures, pre-rolls, vape kits, and topicals. You can buy them at Columbia Care locations, or online, or through Virtual.Care, which is Columbia Care’s new virtual shopping experience.

So Seed & Strain aims to ensure quality and consistency. You know the high quality of standards that apply to medical use products? Seed & Strain wants to do the same for adult use. So that’s essentially the point of the brand. If you decide to shop for these products, Columbia care says they want you to have the same quality, traits, and potency across the board. Seed & Strain plans to use the same standards and practices that exist in Columbia Care’s medical products.

So what can you get?

Right now, you can get flower from Seed & Strain, in 1/8 ounce packages. Choose from Balance Hybrid, and Balance Hybrid/The Perfect Flow. You’ll be able to get more types of products shortly, but this is what is currently planned.

Bottom Line

As the cannabis adult use market matures and expands, we’ll continue to see standards raised. We’ll expect to see the same quality, consistency, and potency available in recreational use, as we see in medical use. Not only is Columbia Care at the forefront, but competitors such as Cresco are as well. We’ll also continue to see options grow in number, and get more sophisticated over time.