Weed Vending Machines Are On Their Way Soon

Weed Vending Machines Are On Their Way Soon

What can’t you get out of a vending machine these days? They’ve been around forever, and they now provide everything from fresh food to surgical masks (yep). And believe it or not, pot is no exception. Weed vending machines are on their way soon.

What exactly are weed vending machines?

They’re exactly what they sound like. Picture automated dispensers in which you can insert your payment option, then select from a variety of cannabis items to purchase. Like any other vending machine, the point of them is to reduce customer wait times, or to even act as a substitute in regional areas that can’t support a full service dispensary. These machines allow you to get everything from flower to edibles and more.

The company Anna is a big emerging player in this space. Check out their demo below, to get a better idea as to how it works.

Where are weed vending machines currently located? Where are they coming to?

Anna recently launched a machine at a Star Buds location in Aurora, Colorado, with plans to launch in additional cities, as well as in Massachusetts soon.

Keep an eye on this company, as they also have plans to expand into California, Nevada, and Oregon by late 2020 to mid 2021.

Are there any other companies in this space?

This is an area that is gaining fast momentum, and growing as we speak. Other companies include Social Vend and their Buddy machine, American Green, GreenStop, and Greenbox Robotics for CBD.

So what’s next?

All of this is great, and is another positive sign of the cannabis industry’s growth. That said, don’t expect to buy your weed from a vending machine in Illinois any time soon. Illinois cannabis laws are typically tighter than those on the west coast, for example; not known for being ground breaking in terms of cannabis law. Still, all of this is a good development, as we will eventually see weed vending machines here, especially when cannabis is inevitably legalized on a federal level… And hopefully, you’ll be able to get the hottest edible in the country through a vending machine.