Weed should be legal, whether you like it or not. Here’s why.

Why are we still arguing about this? Today Illinois is one step closer to the legalization of recreational cannabis. Why is this substance still classified the way it is? Put aside all of the well documented health benefits of cannabis, for the moment. Why is this substance still illegal in many states? Why only for medicinal purposes, in others? The plain hard facts indicate that weed should be legal, whether you like it or not. Here’s why:

It’s simply hypocritical for marijuana to not be legalized. That’s right, hypocritical. Why hypocritical? Well, consider American society around you. Consider what we regulate and what we allow into our society, what we consider lawful for use by our other citizens.

Well, there’s several reasons. Consider the following:

Ok, if this is a point we need to actually discuss, then let’s have at it. Cigarettes are poison. They actually kill you. At the very least, smoking cigarettes increases your risk of heart disease and lung cancer. No upside. Pure and simple, and these things are still on the market. That’s regardless of how many regulations have come down on the tobacco industry in recent years. So if cigarettes can be legal, cannabis should be, too.

Booze is another substance that we just take for granted in our society. Yes, alcohol usage isn’t as cut and dried as that of tobacco. Alcohol is obviously more socially acceptable as well as a social lubricant. However, it is addictive and it can kill you. Alcohol can also lead to heart disease, liver failure, as well as a host of other health problems. But hey! It’s legal to drink. Our society makes gazillions of dollars off of it annually! So drink up, Johnny! Oh, but by the way, if this drug can be legal, which is way more harmful than marijuana, weed should be legal too.

So this one might be a curveball or a bit of a head scratcher, but really. Caffeine is another substance that we ingest that really is a drug. So much so that pregnant women and people with heart issues are discouraged from consuming it. Anything that falls under that category, that is potentially harmful and addictive, is a drug. This is a legal one, to boot. So there you go – if caffeine can be legal, so should marijuana.

This one doesn’t need explaining, does it? Kind of speaks for itself. Nevertheless, here we go: Given the recent opioid crisis, not only should weed be legal if this crap is, but think about this: There is mounting evidence that cannabis can help with opioid addiction. There is mounting evidence that cannabis can replace opioids in pain management. Not only treat it, but do so far less invasive, with none of the horrid addiction issues.

Not to go off on some huge tangent, but aren’t you tired of hypocrisy, especially after everything you’ve seen happen in our society in the last few years? Doesn’t it all feel like a big game at times? One in which its just a matter of who can outmaneuver whom?


Regardless. The sad reality is that the motivating factor in weed becoming legalized is that there is just too much money in it for it not to be. So be patient and watch those tides slowly but surely turn in the correct direction… Then of course, the issue at that point will be all of the big boys crowding out the smaller players, which is already starting to happen. But that’s another battle for a different day.