Want Weed Delivery? Here’s The States To Legally Get It Now

Want Weed Delivery? Here's The States To Legally Get It Now

We all want to have our weed delivered if we can, especially in these crazy times. At home in Illinois, we’ve talked a lot about the future of pot delivery here, as a number of politicians are pushing for it to be legalized. Some other states already have this practice in place, and the number is growing. Are you traveling any time soon? Want weed delivery? Here’s the states to legally get it now.

So, what’s this up-to-date list?

Expect this list to continually grow and evolve, but here’s what we’ve got so far. As you might guess, each state has its own approach to legal weed delivery. Don’t expect this to change until we have a national strategy on marijuana, at some point. When will we see that? Who knows. Hopefully soon.

In the meantime, the below states currently have licensed cannabis delivery services:

1. Arizona

2. California

3. Colorado

4. Maine

5. Maryland

6. Massachusetts

7. Michigan

8. Nevada

9. New Mexico

10. New York

11. Oregon

12. Rhode Island

13. Vermont

The below states have slippery language, that basically allow for cannabis “gifts” to be delivered. Keep an eye on what happens with this over the coming months:

1. Alaska

2. Washington

Last but not least, here’s where you can get “temporary” delivery, due to Covid:

1. Pennsylvania

Bottom Line

There’s a lot more to legal cannabis delivery services than what’s we’ve listed here. You can now get on-demand delivery in certain states. Some Illinois services are also positioning themselves for when delivery is legalized here, so be sure to learn more about that. Overall, expect this all to change pretty fast, as things are evolving nearly every day with the upcoming election and other current events. Don’t forget to check back with us whenever you can, as this post will update often.