Want to get a job in Illinois Cannabis Production? Check out this program at IVCC

Want to get a job in Illinois Cannabis Production? Check out this program at IVCC

Have you been laid off due to the COVID crisis? Maybe you’re looking to pivot your career, switch industries? Or, perhaps you just want to work in the cannabis industry, and you’re not sure how to break in. Regardless of your motives, career training programs can help you make the transition. Furthermore, many accredited universities have reputable programs, and the list of schools offering programs is growing. So, want to get a job in Illinois cannabis production? Check out this program at IVCC:

What does the IVCC Cannabis Production Certficate program have to offer?

Illinois Valley Community College is part of the growing list of colleges and universities to offer classes in cannabis. The options include certificate, undergraduate, and graduate programs. The program at IVCC, specifically, is scheduled to launch in the fall. Pending approval, four of the courses in the proposed certificate are already in IVCC’s agronomy program.

Assuming you take the classes, and decide to pursue the certificate, you could finish the certificate as quickly as a two-semester timeframe. Completion of this 13-hour certificate would prepare you for an entry level position. You would learn the basics of the cannabis plant, production and processing, as well as the emerging cannabis industry. Additional skills you would learn include soil fertility, pest management, and how to network within the industry. If you want, you can continue to study in the agriculture program, and complete an associates degree in Applied Science in Agronomy. So you would have options.

Speaking of networking, IVCC is working closely with local employers in the cannabis growing industry to create the certificate. As a result, you would learn practical knowledge that would allow you to make contacts with future employers, and network effectively in the industry.

How many classes are in the IVCC Cannabis Production Certificate?

The certificate would include the following five courses: Introduction to cannabis production; Crop pest management; Soil fertility and fertilizers; Agriculture internship; Agriculture internship seminar.

So, this program would definitely give you a jump start in the cannabis industry, and provide a ton of value in a short amount of time. Stay up to date on the program’s developments.


It’s tough making a career transition or pivot. We get it, trust us. But believe it or not, this may be the best time to do so, especially into a young, exploding industry such as Illinois cannabis. With so much job transition happening at the moment, it’s easy to explain away a layoff or change, and do so in a way that might not normally be so easy. Transitioning your career with job training programs such as these is a great way to go, as well. These programs are at accredited universities, affordable, and quick to complete. Furthermore, they connect you with potential employers, which is the whole goal… We’ll keep you updated as more of these programs emerge, in various parts of the Illinois cannabis industry.