Want To Chill In A Michigan Cannabis Lounge?

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We’re trying to launch them here in Illinois, but like everything else, they’ve been delayed to due Covid. Not to mention other issues within the Illinois cannabis industry. But they’re popping up all over the country, at least in many states in which adult-use cannabis is legal. So, if you haven’t been to one of these yet, want to chill in a Michigan cannabis lounge?

So what and where are they?

If you heard about the plans for Illinois’s first cannabis lounge in the works, you know how cool this concept is. It is exactly what it sounds like – a bar type atmosphere in which you can indulge in weed. Like a number of other things weed related, Michigan is ahead of Illinois in this concept. The state actually has a few of these places already. Check it out:

1. The Dankery

The Dankery bills itself as a social club and smoke lounge for members only. Their membership is free and no medical card is required. Located at 19700 W. 7 Mile Road in Detroit, this is an ideal place to comfortably enjoy your weed product of choice, in a bar type environment. You need to be over 21, and note that nothing is for sale; it’s a donations type club only. You can learn more and get further details through their Instagram and Facebook pages.

2. Vehicle City Social

Vehicle City Social is private club located in Flint, which is a combination restaurant, lounge and event center without alcohol. They are a cannabis friendly lounge, including an outdoor courtyard for games, fun, bond fires, music, and other live events when possible. Their membership is $20 per year, or you can pay $5 for a one day entry. Hours are daily, 11am – 7pm. You can check out their website for more info.

3. GC3

GC3 offers a members only club in which caregivers can gather to assist those in need. Geared towards medical use patients mostly, the club aims to provide a safe and secure environment for the local cannabis community to come together to promote, educate and assist those in need of information and medication. Located at 6340 N. Genesee Rd. in Flint, you can visit Monday – Saturday from 10am – 6pm. Learn more info here.

Wrap Up

As the adult use marijuana laws and the scene in Michigan continues to evolve, so will the weed cafe and lounge landscape. We will see more of them, and of different varieties. Be sure to check back as this post will update often. Cheers!