Want the top cannabis startup incubators?

Want the top cannabis startup incubators?

So if you’re a pot entrepreneur in Illinois, the following programs could be very helpful to you. All of them offer networking, business training, and funding resources. As the industry is still in its infancy, you would be smart to try to get into one of these. It takes a village, as they say, so the more resources you have, the greater your changes are of succeeding. So, want the top cannabis startup incubators?

Meet CanopyBoulder

Located in Boulder, Colorado, CanopyBoulder is a unique program for cannabis entrepreneurs worth checking out. What’s cool about this particular accelerator is that it’s for ancillary pot startups. Is your business a support business to the marijuana industry in some way? If so, you should consider looking into this further. Like most other accelerators, you need to apply, and be accepted to participate. You’ll be in a cohort program lasting 12 weeks or so with other entrepreneurs. You’ll receive business training, connections for capital investment, industry knowledge, and networking. Learn more details and requirements here. And there will be only one cohort in 2020, so if you think you’re interested, go for it now.

Meet Greenhouse Ventures

Greenhouse Ventures is another accelerator that works with ancillary cannabis startups, this one is located out of Philadelphia. Working with similar ancillary businesses, this one also works with hydroponics, and businesses seeking up to $2 million in growth funds. It operates two programs a year in Philly, typically starting in February and in September. Sound like a good potential fit? Learn more info and how to apply here.

Meet Gateway Incubator

Gateway Incubator is straight out of the Bay Area and the Silicon Valley network, and offers much of the same. What makes this program a bit unique is that they offer a $50,000 investment upfront for 5% equity. You’ll participate in a 4 month long program, ending with an investor pitch day. If this seems like a good fit, and you have the flexiblity to work out of the Gateway offices for several months, should you get accepted, learn more here.


Like we said above, if you’re starting a pot business, you need your resources. Don’t go it alone. While there’s a ton of opportunity out there, the industry is still in the early, early years. There’s a lot to figure out and regulations are going to change over time. All the more reason to get into one of these programs, expand your relationships, learn more skills, and start building relationships with the money people. And who knows – maybe you’ll help someone along the way as well. Godspeed!