Want the top 8 cannabis job boards?

Illinois Job Hunter? Love Cannabis? Then Read This ASAP.

The legal cannabis world may be young, but it’s growing like wildfire. While this industry is still new, there are already tons of job boards popping up to help people with their job search. Like everything else, there are good ones and bad ones. That said, we here at Pot In Illinois have compiled a short list of the good ones below. If you’re looking for employment, check these out as they could provide some good leads. Note that all of these are based nationally, or at least outside of Illinois. However, you can narrow your search to Illinois within the parameters. So, want the top 8 cannabis job boards?

Ms. Mary Staffing

This company is more geared towards helping marijuana businesses find talent. They consider themselves to be a staffing agency specializing in cannabis placements, from dispensaries to grows, they help fill company staffing needs. More than that, they consider themselves to be a connector, offering partnership programs. Learn more info here.

Hemp Temps

This is the site of a full-service staffing agency specific to the Marijuana, Cannabis, and Hemp industry that focuses on meeting any and all staffing needs. They match dispensaries, grow facilities, extractions facilities, and kitchens with temps to assist businesses with their growing, trimming, bud-tending, and general industry needs. They also offer Recruitment services. Learn more here.

Canna Recruiter

This company bills itself as a marijuana jobs recruiting service, providing employers and candidates with easy-to-use solutions for hiring and pursuing medical marijuana and cannabis jobs. In addition, they offer portals for businesses seeking to grow their customer base, listings, and other business to business solutions. Learn more here.

420 Careers

Similar to the other sites featured, this company offers an array of pot job opportunities in various parts of the industry. Additionally, they offer information regarding schools, training programs, and more. Learn more here.


This site provides cannabis industry job postings for careers such as Growers, Budtenders, Dispensary operators, Security guards, Dispensary administrators, Solar panel specialists, Delivery drivers, Lab techs, Marketing specialists, Lawyers, Insurance agents and Government jobs. And if that’s not enough, you can find more on their site. Click here.


This site bills itself as your source for finding and posting employment opportunities in the growing legal cannabis industry, for free. They also claim to scour the web, posting the best job opportunities that they can find. Do they? Find out more here.


While all of these sites more or less offer the same thing, it’s a good idea to check them all out. When you are looking for a new career opportunity in the marijuana business, it’s a good idea to have as wide a variety as possible of options that you can find. And while job boards can never take the place of relationship building and good old fashioned networking, at the very least, job boards will give you a sense of what opportunities are out there. So, happy hunting and good luck!