Want The Latest Good News From Cresco?

Want The Latest Good News From Cresco?

We all know that Cresco is one of the market leaders in legal adult use cannabis today. Whether we’re talking the latest and greatest products in cannabis, or managing customer demand during Covid, Cresco is at the forefront. And now, there’s more. So, want the latest good news from Cresco?

What’s This Good News from Cresco?

Good News is the latest brand to come out of the Cresco Labs family. As Cresco’s mission, from their website, is to “normalize, professionalize, and revolutionize cannabis,” this latest brand helps to continue that effort, in addition to Cresco’s other top quality offerings. Good News prides itself on being easy to use, convenient, portable and simple to understand.

Cresco’s latest brand doesn’t want you to worry about intimidating language or fancy strain names. They are all about convenience, and build their products around the occasion, so that you can find the perfect times to use them. Check out what they have to offer:

They offer shorties, vapes, and gummies. The shorties are pre-rolled, for convenience, at 0.5g each. Vapes are 300mg disposable vape pens, ready to use right off the shelf, designed to be more discreet than a joint and faster-acting than edibles. The gummies are 100mg total – 10mg x 10pk, consistently dosed, convenient, and always super discreet.

In addition, Good News offers their products in 4 different social mindsets, or moods. As a result, you can match the cannabis product you want with the mood you’re looking for. You can choose from Me Time (low key), Brunch (self explanatory, don’t you think?), Friyay (social), and Vegas (party time).

So Where Do You Get Good News Products?

You can find their products through their store locator here. Several of the locations are in Illinois. Expect Cresco to add more stores in additional regional areas, as the brand gains traction and gets popular. And in general, look for more of these kinds of convenience brands to launch, and fill that gap, as cannabis continues to become more and more mainstream.