Want the best job in the Illinois cannabis industry?

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Like we’ve discussed previously, jobs and job training programs will be huge trends to come from the coming legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois. So, you want a gig in this field? You want the best job in the Illinois cannabis industry? If you think that could be a cool gig for you, then read on.

Budtender is the best job in the business right now, because it’s the most in demand. A budtender is basically a front of the house salesperson at a dispensary. This salesperson is the first line of contact with the buyer. If you want to succeed in this job, you need to have all of the required skills to make sales. Expect demand for this job to explode when we legalize recreational pot in Illinois.

So, what kind of skills do you need?

1. Cannabis knowledge.

Budtenders need to know strains, various flowers, edibles, and the various effects of certain products when ingested. If you want to sell properly, you need to know your stuff without having to run to your supervisor to ask questions.

2. People skills.

If budtenders want to close sales, they definitely need people skills. That means not only having enthusiasm about what you’re selling, but genuinely earning your customer’s trust and providing them what they want. Good people skills also include active listening, and hearing what it is the customer really wants and needs.

3. Clean cut appearance.

The cannabis industry is doing everything possible to move beyond stereotypes. So, if you want to make it as a budtender, having a clean, neat, clear-eyed appearance is appropriate. You’ll be a step ahead of the competition.

4. Strong work ethic.

If you are highly organized, and you hustle, you will go a long way in the business of selling pot. You need to bust your tail, just like you would in any other sales job. Showing your manager that you have this kind of motivation is a solid move to get you and keep you the job.

5. Clean criminal record.

Enough said, right? We live in a time in which every employer background checks everybody for everything. Needless to say, the weed industry is no exception. If you have a shady criminal background, keep looking. Not the right gig for you.

6. Marijuana education.

As we’ve discussed previously, cannabis higher ed and online certificate programs are popping up everywhere. While getting some training may put you ahead of the pack, it’s a good idea to talk to your employer first to see what kind of on-the-job budtender training they may offer. You may even be able to negotiate it as part of your compensation.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, if you want the best job in the Illinois cannabis industry, it’s important to be a strong sales person. If you have strong sales skills, you will have a strong chance of getting the job, even if you don’t have the budtender resume. Take advantage of this young industry while you can!