Want the best Cannabis shows on Hulu?

Best Cannabis Shows on Hulu

So did you know that Hulu has just as much great content as Netflix and Amazon Prime? Cannabis content, in particular, is available on Hulu, and it’s just as good as the content you’ll find elsewhere. If you’re looking for more quality streaming content resources, you should look into this. Here you go: Want the best cannabis shows on Hulu?

Best Cannabis Shows on Hulu

1. Bong Appetit

Cannabis culture is changing as we speak in America. Edibles have exploded on the scene, becoming enormously popular. Bong Appétit is deeply involved in the cannabis in food infusion scene. This show features some of the best chefs today, infusing their creations with high quality cannabis, resulting in culinary masterpieces.

2. Cannabis Evolution

So as you already know, people have used cannabis for thousands of years for many reasons. Humans have used the plan to treat medical conditions of all types. The Chinese, the Etyptians, and the Greeks are some of the earliest societies to recognize weed’s potential. Fast forward to today, marijuana is still controversial. Only now are we seeing efforts towards nationwide legalization. Also, scientists are backing up what these ancient peoples long knew, that cannabis is one of the most medicinal oriented plants out there.

3. High Maintenance (with HBO add on)

Now with this one, you’ll need to get the HBO add on. If that works for you, this may interest you. This comedy explores the private lives of unique New York individuals through a common thread: their weed deliveryman. Everyone calls the delivery guy “the Guy.” In each episode, he delivers his product to a different group of characters, sometimes with unpredictable consequences.


So, we figure that’s more than enough TV to cover for now. Hopefully you’ve got some options to keep you entertained and sane as we work our way through the COVID-19 crisis. In future articles, we’ll be covering more ways to keep busy and productive as it relates to pot in Illinois, in the days ahead. Stay safe and healthy!