Want one of these jobs testing weed products?

Want one of these jobs testing weed products?

The economy is moving forward again. We’re seeing that pent up demand that all the talking heads have been predicting for so long. Employment is picking up. It’s a great time to be looking for a new gig. So, want one of these jobs testing weed products?

You can actually get a job smoking weed?

Sort of. Some involve smoking flower, others involve consuming edibles, or other forms of cannabis. All of these jobs involve some type of testing.

Do you need any special qualifications?

Not really, other than being aged 21 or over. You also might want to know more than a little about cannabis products, though, if you want a shot at landing the job.

What are these jobs?

Here’s a sampling of what’s out there:

CBD Oracle Reviewer

Want to review everything from cannabis and CBD flower, pre-rolls, edibles, oils and tinctures, infused beverages, vaporizers, topicals, and cannabis lubes? Then check out this opportunity. Every week, Oracle will send you a new supply of legal cannabis products to test and review from home. You’ll then give your opinion on the products, review them, and have your review published on their website. You also get to keep the products. Earn up to $30,000 a year as a part-time 1099 subcontractor. Interested? Shoot an email to [email protected]

Emjay Paid Intern

This California-based weed delivery service is looking for a summer intern. If you get the gig, you’ll spend three months earning $1,000 monthly to test and review the company’s products. You’ll review flower, oil, pens, edibles, carts, topicals, and more. If you’re interested in testing over 600 products this summer, you should apply. ┬áSend your resume plus a one-page writing sample or a four minute video to [email protected]

Vaped Vaporizer Tester

Want to test out┬ádry herb vaporizers? You’ll receive free vapes, try them out, and provide write-ups and video. What’s cool about this position is that it’s full time, $42,000 annual salary with benefits. If you’re interested, apply here. And while their site indicates that they are only accepting applications through April, we’ve heard as of this writing that you can still apply. So see what happens.

What’s next?

As the job market starts to move forward again, you should also check out the traditional job sites and training programs for these types of testing roles. You can even look for them through Google or your favorite search engine. Regardless of how you look for opportunities, know that they are out there, as the cannabis industry continues to expand and things open up again.