Want amazing infused dining in Maine? You’ll like these options

Want amazing infused dining in Maine? You'll like these options

As part of our ongoing effort to bring you the newest and best in cannabis infused foods, we’re focusing on Maine this week. If you’ve been following the news, you know that recreational cannabis sales will finally begin in Maine on October 9th. As a result, we’re going to see the scene explode, as it has in other states and regions around the country. We’ll see similar choices available, in particular the variety of edibles on the scene. So, want amazing infused dining in Maine? You’ll like these options:

What kind of cannabis infused dining can you get in Maine?

To get an idea of what the Maine cannabis supper club scene will look like when it matures, check out our coverage of infused dining around the country. And if you’re in the Northeast, you’ll definitely want to check out what you can get in New York and Boston. But the meantime, we’ve found a few options to share with you, that will be soon available:

1. Farm To Coast Mobile Kitchen

Farm To Coast is a kitchen and catering company out of Maine, that providing catering and event services. Chef Brian Grossman hand selects the finest ingredients to craft his extensive collection of made-from-scratch recipes. And given the upcoming recreational cannabis legalization, he is planning for the concept of infusing the coconut-milk steamed buns he currently sells from his food truck. Keep up to date on when it launches.

2. Noble Barbeque

Noble Barbeque, which produces gourmet sandwiches and smoked meats, is planning to make THC- and CBD-infused bottled barbecue sauce for the upcoming 2020 holiday season. Their goal is to appeal to those with more savory palates, since many infused foods are sweet. Stay on top of Noble’s launch of these products here.

The Catch…

You can’t eat infused foods in a restaurant, according to Maine cannabis law. You won’t even be able to buy them from a food truck, as that’s illegal too. You’ll need to purchase from a retail location, though the retailer can sell from a storefront or delivery service. The delivery option is more than that of some other states, so that’s a positive.

Furthermore, the law is written in such a way that you can only eat your weed foods at home, or at a private event. So as a result, expect to see some of these private events happening, as long as no one sells any products directly… This will get creative, that’s for sure.

Bottom Line

Keep an eye on the Maine scene, and expect it to expand. How about infused lobster rolls? Or maybe fried clams? Steamed mussels? Look for someone to do that soon. We will update the info when we get it, and make sure to keep you in the loop.