Useful Weed Gifts To Buy For The Holidays This Year

Useful Weed Gifts To Buy For The Holidays This Year

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year already. In this crazy, rough, weird year, it’s now time for the holidays. Whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate, or even if you don’t celebrate anything at all, we’ve got some cool things for you to check out. Want to know what to get for the cannabis lover in your life this December? Here’s useful weed gifts to buy for the holidays this year:

Why are these gifts so important to tell us about?

Why? Because these are literally useful weed gifts. In other words, things that a cannabis enthusiast would actually get for themselves. Gadgets they would actually care about. Check it out:

1. PenSimple

Pensimple is an herb grinder and portable storage vault that makes your ground herbs accessible at the push of a button. You can store up to 3 grams of your favorite ground herbs ready to dispense. This gadget eliminates annoying issues like sticky fingers or a spilled grinder with its efficient design.

2. Levo

Restaurant chefs and skincare brands have long used herbal infusion as their secret ingredient. With Levo, you don’t need to be a trained chef, beautician, or chemist to enjoy the benefits of herbal infusion. Ready to make cannabutter or canna oil?

3. Valise Keychain by Tetra

You can always be ready to chill, wherever you go, with Tetra’s Valise Keychain. It has a generously sized, hexagonally shaped interior chamber that can accommodate rolled smokes of many sizes. As it allows cannabis lovers to indulge discreetly, as well as spontaneously, it is pretty much the perfect gift.

4. Two Strain Apothecarry Travel Case

This is a strong, durable, odor resistant, beautifully designed Apothecarry case. It’s made of Alderwood, with each individual case carefully crafted and stained one at a time, making every case visually unique. Features include a two strain system glass jar with black wood lids and customizable re-writable labels for tobacco or herb, four humidity control packets, and a high quality zinc alloy grinder with catcher. Tasteful and convenient.

Wrap Up

If you need more ideas on useful weed gifts for the cannabis enthusiast in your life, check out our past posts for suggestions. In addition, we’ve got tips for you in terms of weed products to help you prep for the holidays. Look for these lists to expand in the near future, as we continue to legalize. Happy Shopping!