Try One Of These Drool Worthy Cannabis Mocktails

Try One Of These Drool Worthy Cannabis Mocktails

If you like your cannabis in the drinkable form, we’ve got good news for you. Want to know where you can continue to get a hold of tasty, potent THC drinks? If you like your mixed drinks and want substitutes, you can indulge in some excellent ones out there right now. Try one of these drool worthy cannabis mocktails:

What kind of cannabis mocktails are available?

Check out our list below. As we’ve said previously, you can get all kinds of weed drinks now, including beer. Always remember to check to see where they’re available, whether it’s in your local area, or something you try on an upcoming trip.

1. Artet Cannabis Aperitif

Artet is a cannabis-infused non-alcoholic drink that brings together cocktail culture and cannabis. It’s made with a blend of seven botanicals and weed; sort of like Campari for the marijuana culture. You’ll taste floral, herbal, and dry notes, good for consuming on the rocks on its own, or for mixing into a blended drink. Each serving has 2.5mg THC, and each bottle comes with 15 servings. This is a plus, if you’re looking to consume your weed drinks in small, exact amounts, because you’ll feel the effects in less than 15 minutes.

Looking for a party beverage other than beer? Check out Enjoy, It’s Legal, a line of cannabis-infused cold tonics. You can get these in Rainier cherry, lemon ginger, espresso mocha, and pomegranate. In addition to getting a tasty drink, you’ll get a good buzz with 20 mg of THC in each serving. Just remember to go low and slow at first, because you’ll get a pretty fast kick otherwise. This is the number 1 selling cannabis beverage in both Oregon and Washington. No small thing.

3. Cannabis Quencher

If you’re looking for another great beer alternative, look no further than Cannabis Quencher. This is a lemonade based cannabis beverage, made by VCC Brands, in lemonade, mango, and strawberry lemonade. These bottles contain 75 milligrams of THC, so you have multiple servings per bottle. VCC Brands recommends that you start with a 2-4mg THC dose (1-2 capfuls) and wait 45 minutes before drinking more. As this beverage tastes best cold, these quenchers are ideal on a hot summer day.

4. Quigley’s

Do you like doing shots? Then you might be into this one. Quigley’s is a Colorado based cannabis-infused beverage, designed to be consumed the same way you would a shot of booze. It hits you almost immediately, and builds. The shots are two fluid ounces, with 20 mg of THC. Fast acting, indeed.

The Wrap Up

Whether you like your liquid weed in a shot, a mixed drink, a beer, or wine, you can increasingly get what you want in liquid THC. As the adult legal use cannabis industry matures, you’re going to find it a lot like that of craft beer, or other craft industries in general. Look for the same kinds of options continue to evolve in the future.