Top Winning Edibles In The Illinois Cannabis Cup

Top Winning Edibles In The Illinois Cannabis Cup

If you’ve been following everything going on with this year’s Cannabis Cup, sponsored by High Times, you’ve seen the changes. The judges, in the past, have been celebrities. The competition did things differently this year, especially since this was Illinois’s first year in the competition. The general public had the opportunity to judge, turning out to be a hugely popular option. So, according to these judges, here are the top winning edibles in the Illinois Cannabis Cup:

So who were these winners?

We gave you all the details as to what was happening with the Cup here, and how to get in on it. If you were one of the participants, you already know the below. If not, check out the results:

1. Third Place

Fudgies Rich Chocolately Bites, by Revolution Cannabis, took this category. If you’re not familiar with Revolution, and its considerable line of products, learn more here.

2. Second Place

Snoozzzeberry Gummies, by Incredibles, came in second. We’ve talked a lot about Incredibles in the past, if you want to learn more about their offerings.

3. First Place

The first place winner is the 100mg Toffee Chocolate by Bhang. Out of Canada, Bhang is one of the hottest companies to come to the Illinois edibles scene, so be sure to check them out.

Bottom Line

Some critics are already questioning the overall winners of the Illinois Cannabis Cup. They are pointing to some companies having swept categories, and why. Some are asking why the larger companies seem to have more presence and market share in the competition. In this sense, it makes the weed world just like everything else, doesn’t it? The big players coming in and squeezing out the small ones? Hopefully, we will see activists continue to fight this trend, which has been an overall concern as of late… In the meantime, enjoy your Toffee Chocolate.