Top 3 great Illinois pot stocks for 2020

We all want awesome investments, right? Who wouldn’t want to be in on IBM stocks for a penny, or Apple stock back in 1980? With that in mind, we want to bring up cannabis companies that have become unicorns. The legal cannabis industry is still a baby, but it doesn’t matter. There are already companies that are worth your dollars. If you’re looking to expand your portfolio, read on. Check out the top 3 great Illinois pot stocks for 2020.

Cresco Labs (OTC: CRLBF)

So Cresco is based in Chicago. It’s one of the first companies to get in on Illinois’s medical marijuana program. Feels so long ago, doesn’t it? Anyway, since then, the company has established a strong position here in our state. Not only that, but Cresco has expanded to at least 6 additional states, with plans to expand further. Ready for this? Last year Cresco generated $43 million in sales… And it’s not even 2020 yet.

Green Thumb Industries (OTC: GTBIF)

Want another huge player to consider? Green Thumb, also based in Illinois, has been quietly growing in the Midwest for a while now. The company has over 18 retail locations. They have plans for nearly 80 more stores, as they have been acquiring licenses for some time. Like other retail cannabis companies in the same space, they are getting ready to dive into the recreational market next year. Look for Green Thumb to make quite the splash, and grow like gangbusters. Recreational pot is going to be a game changer in Illinois, and these guys will be at the forefront.

Harvest Health (OTC: HRVSF)

So Harvest Health is new to the Illinois scene, technically. They are entering Illinois with the purchase of Verano, so that makes them an automatic big player here. The deal is reported to have been $850 million. As a result, Harvest has a pretty giant footprint now. Think 11 states, which includes 37 retail licenses, and growing. Watch for this player to get even bigger. When the cannabis industry grows, and big players start to gobble one another up, look for Harvest to be in the mix.

Bottom Line

Look, don’t take our word for it, do your own research. All we can do is bring strong, solid companies to your attention, that are worth looking into. Remember to do your due diligence, and that everything is a risk, no matter how safe it seems. That said, if you’re looking to put your money into a hot, growing, industry, consider Illinois cannabis. The potential to do well is there. Look out 2020!