Tinder for Potheads: The complete guide to 420 dating

Tinder for Potheads: The complete guide

So what do you do when cannabis is an important part of your lifestyle, but you can’t find romantic partners who feel the same way? Obviously, this is a problem. Like so many other things when it comes to finding a significant other, whether or not a person is pro weed makes a difference. Even if you don’t personally partake in cannabis, maybe you work in the industry. Maybe you just simply support it. Regardless, it’s important that you find someone who is on the same page as you. Or at least, it’s important that they don’t mind it. So how do you find that person, or those people, if you don’t want to be exclusive? Where are these places? Well, that’s where pot friendly dating sites come in. So here it is. Tinder for Potheads: The complete guide to 420 dating.

Can you really meet stoners to go out with this way? Weed friendly dating and hook up sites?

Yep. That’s what these sites are for. They range from specializing in everything from hook ups to serious relationships, and sometimes more.

Does 420 friendly mean sexually?

Yes it can mean that, though not exclusively. In this case it means relationships, dating, sexually, all of the above as it relates to romance.

So is that what a 420 hookup is?

Yep. It can be anything from a one night stand to meeting that special someone who turns into a more long term and significant relationship.

Ok, so how do these weed dating sites work?

They work the same as any other dating site you’ve been on. The difference is that these networks are especially geared towards cannabis lovers and the 420 lifestyle. It’s really no different than if you were going on sites that were specific to any other special interest. The advantage of these sites is that they’ve already specialized in that one thing you want – a pro cannabis lifestyle. So you’re not about to run into anyone who says, “wait, you smoke pot??” when you visit any of these sites.

Yep, they’re definitely legal for people aged 21 and up. Assuming that all you’re doing is dating, and not trying to sell anyone anything, you’re perfectly fine. You are merely trying to find people with whom you have a special interest in common. That’s all.

Are these sites only for weed consumers? Who exactly is on here?

The demographics are across the board. Do you partake in cannabis? Do you work in the industry? Support social equity? You’ll find everyone and anyone, diverse in gender, age, gender preference, religion, race, political affiliation, and so on. As long as you’re cannabis positive, there’s someone for everyone.

Are these safe and psycho free?

No site can guarantee that. You have to practice common sense and have healthy boundaries when you’re getting to know someone, especially in a dating sense, just like you would under any other circumstances. Weed dating is no different. So take the same precautions you would anywhere else with anyone.

Ok, got it. So what are these Tinder for Pothead sites?

Not all of them work like Tinder, with swiping, while some do. As all of the below have their own unique take on the 420 dating scene, you’ll be best off checking them out to see which one works well for you. The best thing to do is to try to sign up for their trial, peruse the site, and see if you might be able to meet people you have things in common with. Not just weed. So keep that in mind while you look into the following:


Here’s a good place to start. You can join for free and explore the site to see if it’s for you. My420Mate bills itself as the #1 online and mobile dating app for 420 friendly singles. Their platform allows 420 singles who are acceptable of the green lifestyle to meet, connect, and grow a relationship. They’ve been featured in publications such as The New York Times and High Times, and claim to be available everywhere, or at least in most large metro areas. In addition, they offer columns on relationship and dating tips, advice, stories, and more. Check out additional details here.

High There

This site is interesting, in that it’s not just for weed friendly dating. It’s good for that, but High There aims to be so much more. They strive to be an overall cannabis social network, offering users opportunities to also find friends, in the lifestyle section. The site also offers sections on health and wellness, cannabis 101, FAQs, and more. If you want an overall THC and CBD friendly community, in addition to dating opportunities, click here.

420 Singles

This is the one that qualifies as a straight up Tinder for Potheads app. 420 Singles offers to its users, in the site’s opinion, the #1 cannabis dating and hookup app. Same as you would with Tinder, you can swipe and match to find your preferred matches. The app is free for its basic level, or you can upgrade to a plus membership at $10.49 per month to enable instant messaging. Sounds like a possible fit? Learn more here.

Highly Devoted

Highly Devoted is unique in that it provides a high end (no pun intended, really), in depth, matching experience for cannabis enthusiasts. They focus on executive cannabis matchmaking, dating, lifestyle, content, and coaching. Their goal is to facilitate connection and love between people for whom cannabis is a fundamental part of their lives. They want to do away with the stigma around cannabis, by showing sophisticated people a place where people can openly connect around the plant. And no, it’s not cheap. But if money isn’t an issue, and this sounds interesting, learn more here.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for fun, cannabis friendly things to do with your weed friendly significant other, when you find one, check out our recent guide here. Also, look into some of our tips on THC enhanced intimacy, and strain suggestions. As always, we ask that you please be safe, and go easy. Do those things, and practice common sense, and you’ll have a fun time.