This is greening out and why it happens

This is greening out and why it happens

We’re living in a golden age of weed. The products, the varieties, the new innovations. It’s too much to keep up with at times. But with that comes the flip side; knowing what we’re consuming, how much is the right amount, and when to pull back. You always want to make sure your good time remains just that, without risking going overboard. Because when you overconsume, it’s a terrible feeling. It’s even got a name: This is greening out and why it happens.

A greenout? What is that?

When you consume too much THC, your cell receptors go into overdrive. As a result, you might feel nauseous, anxious, or even paranoid. Hence the phrase, greening out. This usually happens when you underestimate the potency and the amount of the cannabis you’re using.

How do you calm down if this happens?

If you can, try to drink something. Some people believe that drinking something sweet helps, claiming the condition happens because of a drop in blood sugar. So a sweet drink can help elevate the blood sugar more quickly, even if you mix it with water. However, this theory is unsubstantiated, so the best thing to do overall is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Others swear by consuming CBD, which can help calm you down due to CBD’s relaxing effects.

How do you stop greenouts once they’ve started?

It’s hard to stop it. It’s more like a waiting game or an endurance contest. One of the best things you can do is try to sleep it off. Or at the very least, try to find a quiet place away from stimulation and close your eyes till the wave passes. Listening to relaxing music or meditating (if you can) can help take the edge off of your anxiousness, till the surge is over.

And how long can I expect this to last, if it happens to me?

So much of a greenout’s duration depends on your method of cannabis consumption. Say you’re dealing with the worst case scenario, such as delayed onset of THC infused edibles that turns out to be much more than you bargained for. The peak effects can last from 2 to 4 hours, before you start to come down and feel more under control. So it’s important that you know good self care if this happens to you.

What are some risk factors for greening out?

The main thing is to keep in mind is that you know what you’re consuming, and not to consume it too fast. This most commonly happens when ingesting edibles. With edibles’s delayed onset of effects, it’s easy to fall into the trap in which you think you haven’t consumed enough, so you take more. Then the THC eventually hits you all at once, and you green out.

You want to know the concentration of the products you’re consuming, so that you don’t take more than you need. New cannabinoids often fall into this category – before you consume something like THC-O, make sure you know what it is and how it can potentially effect you.

What’s next

Illinois adult use weed sales have more than doubled since 2020, with no end in sight. As the market continues to explode, look for more trends that we’ll be covering in the coming weeks and months.