Think you can’t get legal weed in Wisconsin? Think again

Think you can't get legal weed in Wisconsin? Think again

Adult use cannabis in the U.S. is still a patchwork of state laws, due to fact that it’s not yet federally legal. These laws are a lot for anyone to stay on top of, even if you’re in the industry. And if you’re not, you probably don’t know what you can and can’t do with cannabis from state to state. And that’s just traditional THC. When it comes to hemp products, Delta 8, and the latest cannabinoids in the news, the laws get even more complicated. Sometimes the laws don’t even exist. As a result, we see states that haven’t yet legalized cannabis for adult use, or sometimes even medical use… but you can still get some form of legal – or at least not illegal – cannabis. For example, you think you can’t get legal weed in Wisconsin? Think again.

According to NORML, cannabis possession, sale, and manufacture are illegal under Wisconsin law. If you get caught with weed, you’ll be subject to escalating penalties depending on the circumstances and the amounts in question. The list includes misdemeanors, fines, even felonies. Even though Illinois and Michigan have legal adult use cannabis programs, and Minnesota has a medical cannabis program, Wisconsin does not.

But you can still get legal cannabis? How does that work?

What you can get are hemp derived CBD and Delta 8 products. There are legitimate businesses that take advantage of this loophole in weed laws – a loophole that still exists, as of this writing. Wisconsin is only one of several states in which this happens.

What are these businesses?

These are a few of them – expect this list to grow quickly:

Sweetly Baked

If you’re looking for a high end bakery in downtown Milwaukee that serves up CBD and Delta 8 infused goods, you’re in luck. Sweetly Baked offers small batch cookies, macarons, brownies, chocolates and more. And if you need catering for weddings or other special events, or you want to attend their occasional pop-up events, you can get that as well.

Green County Hemp

One of the first extraction labs in Wisconsin, this Madison-based hemp producer also has its own line of products. Choose from vape pens, tinctures, balms, and oils, in Delta 8, CBD and CBG varieties for direct ordering.

Herbal Aspect

A Black-owned cannabis company, they offer Delta 8 gummies, pre rolls, tinctures, flowers, and edibles. You can shop from their own house brand in addition to brands you’re probably familiar with. Choose from picking up at their their Madison located dispensary, or having your order shipped directly to you.

Partnered Process

A Waukesha hemp farm, they also sell a robust line of their own Certified Organic hemp products available for shipping. Options include smokeables, edibles, softgels, and more. Get the details here.

What’s next

Did you know that only 14 states remain that haven’t legalized either full medical or adult use weed? Delaware, Oklahoma, and Mississippi are amongst the states rumored most likely to legalize in 2022. When that happens, look for more proposed legislation regarding federal laws and/or banking to come out. It should be an exciting year as this all unfolds.

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