The Hottest Edible In The Country Right Now

The Hottest Edible In The Country Right Now

As you know, we’re here to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest in emerging weed products. Edibles, by far, is one of the most popular items on the market today. It’s quickly becoming a buyer’s market out there for all things weed in general, which we’re sure you’re glad to hear. We’ve got a new one for you, and it’s coming to the Midwest in 2021. Here’s the hottest edible in the country right now:

So what is it?

Have you heard of Wyld? As of this writing, it’s an edibles company that makes the best selling gummies in the country at the moment. The gummies are high end, artisan, and they contain real fruit. You can get them in flavors such as huckleberry, peach and pomegranate. It costs $20 for a ten gummies package, which has a combined 100mg of THC in all.

Till now, Wyld’s gummies have been available and hugely popular in California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon. You can also purchase their CBD gummies and seltzers throughout the country. They have plans to expand into Arizona, Michigan – yep, Michigan, Massachusetts and Washington by the end of 2021. They also offer THC-infused chocolates, and plan to add additional product lines over time. Expect to see the gummies sooner or later in Illinois, as Wyld plans to expand into three legal adult use states per year until weed is legalized on a federal level.

And what else?

Be sure to keep up with us on the latest in weed infused food in Chicago and beyond. Also, given how the year has been going, cannabis is certainly one of the few bright spots for us to focus on. Expect this expanding weed market trend to continue into 2021, and grow in new and creative ways. Be sure to check back over time, as we’ll give you updates on Wyld’s products and when they come your way.