The Best Edibles Keep Coming To Illinois: Here’s The Latest

The Best Edibles Keep Coming To Illinois: Here's The Latest

So much cool stuff in all things cannabis are here. Whether you want to smoke it, drink it, or eat it, you can find something right for you. We know, because you keep telling us again and again, that eating it is by far your favorite way of consuming. The scene is still growing here, to meet that demand, and we’re on top of it for you. The best edibles keep coming to Illinois: Here’s the latest.

What’s the latest awesome edibles to come to Illinois?

We’ve covered the edibles scene in Illinois at length in the past. and we’ve even covered some out of state options for when you’re on the road. This is different from all of our coverage on cannabis infused dining throughout the country. A lot of the artisan edibles we cover here, are more of the consumer packaged goods variety. That said, the producers make them with the highest quality standards. The treats can stand on their own in terms of quality, weed or no weed. So here you go:

Betty’s Eddies are fruit chews that are handcrafted with the finest all natural ingredients. The company uses only non-GMO organic fruits and vegetables, and naturally extracted THC. The chews are lactose free, gluten free and naturally preservative free.

You can get the chews in flavors such as Berry Good Things (berry), Lime A Good Person (lime with a hint of spinach), Little Lemon Heaven (lemon), O’ My Grapeness (grape), and Orange You Beautiful (orange.) Each chew typically contains 20 mg of THC.

Bottom Line

Betty’s has partnered with Green Thumb Industries, and you can also find Betty’s Eddies all over the state of Illinois. You can also get on their mailing list, if you’d like, to stay on top of their new products. Look for them to expand, and grow beyond Illinois soon.