THC Slushies And Where To Get Them

THC Slushees And Where To Get Them

As we’re currently at the height of summer, there’s no better time to continue talking about frozen treats. It’s one of the most satisfying ways to ingest cannabis. This is especially true as the options are continually creative. So if infused iced sweets are your thing, read further. Here’s the skinny on THC slushies and where to get them:

Glazee OKC is a distributor and supplier based in Oklahoma. They aim to provide clients with the best quality THC products at an exceptionally low price. They also provide services such as product sourcing and delivery. Even though they launched just this year, they have already established a presence in Oklahoma City. They’re also planning on expanding to other cities and states in the near future.

They produce the Glazee THC infused slushee, available at various Oklahoma dispensaries. The frozen weed beverages come in a variety of flavors, at $12 to $15 a pop. You can get flavors such as Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Bubblegum, and Lemon Lime.

Weed laws in Oklahoma

Now, before you head out on the road to the nearest Oklahoma dispensary, not so fast. Oklahoma state regulators have raised issues. In case you’re not familiar with the state’s cannabis laws, here you go: You can buy and keep medical marijuana in Oklahoma if you’ve got a state-issued license. You can also buy and keep hemp CBD oil without a license.

So, here’s what Oklahoma lawmakers have problems with: They’re saying that the slushies are supposed to be sold in child-resistant containers, since they contain weed. In addition, the law says that final products need to be tested, before dispensaries can sell them. Since a slushee is a mix of syrup, water, and ice, that kind of testing isn’t happening. So, the folks over at Glazee have issues to clear up, which may impact availability.

But all of that said, this is a product to keep an eye on, especially once Glazee clears up the legal issues. If you’re in the area, and you happen to have a medical marijuana card, check out Weedmaps’s list of Oklahoma dispensaries.

What else?

Again, if you like your edibles in the frozen form, check out our posts on where to get cannabis infused ice cream throughout the country. You can also find out when it’s coming to Illinois. Desserts are the way to go, and look for them to expand shortly.