Strongest Strain In Illinois: Here’s The Most Potent Weed

Illinois has quickly become one of the leaders in this new, explosive cannabis economy. We’ve got some amazing, killer product right here in our state, whether we’re talking about edibles, concentrates, or flower. And if you like your marijuana packed with as much THC as possible, you’re in luck. Learn more about the strongest strain in Illinois: Here’s the most potent weed:

So what are the strains you can get in Illinois?

We’ve talked a lot about flower in the past, and even published a post on some of the best strains you could get in Illinois. They’ve all got different balances of indica and sativa, with various flavor profiles and effects. But what about strength? What’s the biggest bang for the buck?

Brownie Scout comes from right here in Illinois, an strain which is the brain child of Green Thumb Industries. The percentage of THC in Brownie Scout clocks in at a whopping 37.5. Yes, you read that correctly. 37.5 percent THC in this particular strain. So not only does that make Brownie Scout the strongest strain in Illinois; it also makes it amongst the strongest strains in the country. How’s that for a claim to fame for Illinois?

What makes this strain so awesome?

Brownie Scout is indica dominant, bred from Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Great Divide. So what do you get? What you’ll find is an earthy, piney bud, with pine, pepper, and floral undertones. The effects are intense (obviously) intoxication, a pleasant cerebral experience, and relief for anxiety, pain, and insomnia.

Bottom Line

If you’re into uber strong strains, and you have the constitution to tolerate them, then Brownie Scout is for you. That said, we always recommend best practices when indulging, especially when you’re inhaling or ingesting a new cannabis product for the first time. While we want to inform and entertain you, we also want you to stay safe. So if you’re interested in getting some Brownie Scout, check out our lists of dispensaries in Chicago, Rockford, Central Illinois, and Southern Illinois to see where it’s available.