Pick Up This Delicious THC Taco Seasoning Now

Pick Up This Delicious THC Taco

We’re always into bringing you, our readers, the best and coolest in weed edibles. Whether you’re looking to get creative with your meal planning, or you want something quick and fast, we have suggestions for you. Sometimes the best way to get this done is to suggest add-ons, condiments, or sauces. Especially when you’re planning for weeknight meals, this can be so important. So here’s a suggestion to put into your recipe box as soon as you can. Pick up this delicious THC taco seasoning now:

So is this really a thing? THC taco seasoning?

Yep, it’s really a thing. We’ve told you about similar things, previously. For example, you can get THC hot sauce, if you’re into that. And you know by now that you can get everything from weed infused coffee to cannabis ice cream. So yeah, weed taco seasoning is no different, in that sense.

Ok great. So what is it and what do I do with it?

Ieso is an Illinois cannabis cultivator, originally having started in the medical cannabis space. Their mission is to use fresh ingredients and tasty recipes to make experiencing cannabis as pleasant as possible. This weed infused taco seasoning comes in 50-100mg packages, in a hybrid mix. It’s vegan, and gluten free, which is a plus. The 100mg package is made for mixing with 1lb of meat, or 8oz of sour cream in a dip. This package generally running about $24.00.

What kinds of effects can I expect?

Very positive. Users generally report a pleasant, relaxing, and potent experience after having ingested this edible. As is the case with most edibles, there can be a delayed onset of effects, then they can hit you pretty strongly. So be sure to go slow till you know you can handle it. All things considered, this is a great edible to have at dinnertime, setting the stage for a chilled evening and pleasant night’s sleep.

Sounds awesome. So where can I pick this up?

To find the dispensaries that Ieso partners with, your best bet is to check out the list of dispensaries listed on the Ieso website. The list is constantly updated and the most accurate to find what you need.

So what’s next?

We’ll continue to bring you the best weed infused edibles, whether it’s THC taco seasoning, or other weed products. The more creative and weird, the better. So be sure to check back on this and all of our posts, as they will update as needed.