Pick Up The Best Illinois Weed Products For The Holidays

Pick Up The Best Illinois Weed Products For The Holidays

So here we go. It’s time for the holiday season kick off. Despite the historic weirdness of the year, we’ve still got some great options to choose from for all of our weed needs. You can find a lot of cool stuff on the market, some of which has just come out, which you can look into below. Pick up the best Illinois weed products for the holidays:

What’s so cool and different this year?

Some things are new and some are the same. We’ve profiled holiday weed gifts previously, some of which are still going strong this year. But the big, obvious development this year, here in Illinois, is that you can buy actual legal weed. Here’s some of the best:

1. The Blues Brothers Working Man’s Brand

You can find these available in Colorado, Illinois, and Oregon, which come out of cannabis advocate Jim Belushi’s farm on the Rogue River, in Oregon. This is a pack of pre-rolls, and make a great gift for all holiday needs. You can get these packs in a cartridge form, .25 mini, or .7 gram. According to their site, these are meant to be enjoyed with the music of The Blues Brothers. Check out more details on Working Man’s Brand, and how you can get it in Illinois.

2. Bhang Chocolates

Remember Bhang’s Chocolates? Bhang’s chocolate is a consumer favorite and a recent Illinois Cannabis Cup award winner. Not only that, but did you know Bhang has vegan options, in both milk and dark chocolate? You can get both vegan chocolates in flavors like caramel, cookies and cream, peppermint, espresso, toffee, and fruit flavors. You’ll find these available in California, Illinois, Nevada, and New Mexico. They come packaged in 100mg bars, with 10mg THC per serving, and this is where they are available here in Illinois.

3. Incredibles Gummies

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know that we informed you about the high quality Incredibles some time ago. What’s cool about them is that they’ve been around for a number of years, continually improving upon their products. These all-natural gummies come in flavors like Strawberry, Greener Apple, Summer Peach, Mon Cherry, and Watermelon Smash. The servings is 100mg THC per 1.06-ounce package. Available in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Puerto Rico.

Wrap Up

We admit it, we’re biased, as we believe weed gifts are so much better than those of alcohol. So, as you stay up to date on all things cannabis for the holiday season, be sure to check out our resources. Get more details on the best infused holiday recipes you can make. Find out where you can get an infused meal kit for pick up, this month. We We will bring you the info and resources you need, so check back often.