Pick Up An Illinois Holiday Infused Meal Kit You’ll Love

Pick Up An Illinois Holiday Infused Meal Kit You'll Love

We know you love your edibles, and we’re here to keep you up on the latest available. More services are opening up, offering better and more creative options all the time. But with in-dining options currently limited, it can be difficult to find something that works for you. Well, you’re in luck. You can now pick up an Illinois holiday infused meal kit you’ll love:

You can get weed infused meal kits in Illinois?

Yes you can. We recently told you about the Thanksgiving meal kit that you could buy for the holiday this past week. These kinds of to-go options are an offshoot of the cannabis supper club scene that’s expanding in Illinois, and throughout the country. Consider this great alternative, when getting your weed infused food.

Table For Twenty is a top flight cannabis infused catering service we’ve profiled in the past. They provide high end dining experiences, and they’ve recently moved to pickup options due to current conditions. You can get a nicely packaged dinner, reheat ready, 4 course meal and a specialty infused cocktail to enjoy, from the safety of your home.

So when is this available, and for how much?

If you’re looking for an awesome holiday gift for a fellow cannabis enthusiast, consider this option. Or, if you’re planning a holiday meal and don’t feel like cooking, this could potentially work for you. Just note that you’ll need to place your order by Friday, December 11th. You’ll need to pick up the meal kit on Sunday, December 20th, between 5:00-6:30pm. You’ll pay $125 per dinner.

So what’s next?

Stay with us as we cover more of these options in the coming days. As a result, you’ll have a lot to choose from for the holiday season. Whether you’re looking for gifts, or trying to get creative with your social distanced hosting, we’ll have suggestions. We want to help you stay sane and up to date on all things Illinois weed, so be sure to check back often.