One Of The Best THC Infused Edibles Experiences In Illinois

THC infused edibles experiences

A huge part of what we do here at Pot In Illinois is to cover the infused food scene in the state. One of the things we love most about doing this, is showcasing up-and-coming chefs, caterers, and infusers that you might not know of otherwise. The infused food scene is still an area in which independent, small businesses can thrive. In some cases, we’ll probably see some of these businesses expand and grow exponentially when weed is legalized federally. Many of these infusers have that potential, and we’ve had the opportunity to sample some of their product. One in particular is one of the best THC infused edibles experiences in Illinois.

One of the best? Now that’s some high praise.

Yes, it is. And we’re not saying that lightly, because we’ve tried a lot of infused items in general. So we know. The main reason we say this is because these edibles can truly stand on their own in terms of artisan quality. And that’s the key. You already know that a quality edible should not have any cannabis aftertaste; ideally, the taste should be masked. Additionally, an edible should be something you would want to consume regardless of cannabis content. And this company produces top quality artisan baked goods in that league.

Ok great, so who’s the company, and how about their edibles?

Remember Hosted and Toasted? We’ve written about them favorably in the past. In addition to providing cannabis infused dining events and experiences, they also offer themed experience boxes, which we had the pleasure of sampling recently. Here’s how it was:

The St. Patrick’s Day themed Toasted Treat Box contained 10 items. Included were 6 truffles, including Guiness Java Chip Pretzel, Mint Chocolate, and Pot O’ Gold Peanut Butter. Other items included in the box were the Lucky Charms Fudgie, Andes Candes Choco Cookie, Irish Car Bomb Brownie, and Pistachio Bread. This particular box came with a gift of THC, contained in 20 mg doses per item. Now since the infusion portion is a gift, and not part of the sale, you also have the choice of CBD, or to simply leave it out altogether if prefer. The cost of the edibles box is the same, regardless of which option you pick, at $125.00.

A few of us first tried the truffles, which are a standout. One favorite in particular was the Pot O’ Gold Peanut Butter Truffle, with chocolate and peanut butter, garnished with gold sprinkles and a rainbow gummie. The flavor and consistency was well balanced. Some of us had to keep from eating it too quickly, because it was that decadent and that good.

Another standout was the Lucky Charms Fudgie. The sweetness of the charms complimented the pastry’s more subtle fudgy flavor. The texture was well balanced, dense enough without being heavy, which added to the experience. This was another item we had to keep from consuming too quickly. The team over at Hosted and Toasted is made up of restaurant industry veterans, so they know what they’re doing.

That’s awesome. How did the edibles make you feel?

We were impressed by that part as well. Some of us had half a truffle, for a 10 mg dosage. The consensus in terms of effects: Feeling a manageable, pleasant, mellow buzz; ideal for creating and enhancing a relaxed, sociable mood. You could definitely feel it, but it wasn’t overpowering, and we still felt clear-headed. Effects started to kick in after 30 minutes, and lasted for a few hours. The advantage here is that you can always scale up your dosage with more items, if you want a more intense effect.

Sounds awesome, but how do I get these already?

Go to the Hosted and Toasted site, and all the info is right there, including pricing and ordering options. Again, you have the option of getting their product with or without a THC or CBD gift. What you’re actually buying is the experience, and these amazing artisan edibles. All of their options, including upcoming events, pickups, and more, are right there on the site.

And what else?

Keep an eye on these folks, as their product can stand on its own with or without cannabis, and the team clearly knows what it’s doing. They have a lot planned in terms of THC infused edibles experiences and more when the lockdown ends and the state fully opens up again. Also look for them to expand beyond Illinois at the first opportunity. We’ll keep you updated, as one of the most fun things in this industry are all of the events, festivals, and parties centered around cannabis culture. Look for that to move forward with pent up demand, sooner rather than later.