Newest Illinois Cannabis Delivery, Edibles, and Tours

Your new guide to Illinois cannabis lounges

In the ever expanding world of Illinois cannabis, more businesses are opening up to cater to your needs. If you’re looking for delivery, edibles, tours, or all three, you can already find more options now than in January. Despite the fact that COVID-19 is still raging throughout the country, cases are on the decline in Illinois. Hopefully this continues, and you can take advantage of some of these upcoming options. Here’s the newest Illinois cannabis delivery, edibles, and tours:

So what are the newest Illinois cannabis delivery, edibles, and tour options?

1. Betty’s Eddies Illinois

Betty’s makes all-natural, organic fruit chews. They state that they use only non-GMO organic fruits and vegetables and naturally extracted THC. The chews are also lactose free, gluten free and naturally preservative free. You can find Betty’s products throughout the State of Illinois, with lots of varieties available. Choose from flavors such as Berry Good Things, Lime A Good Person, Little Lemon Heaven, O’ My Grapeness, and Orange You Beautiful.

2. Nugg Hub Illinois

Nugg Hub promises to, “Bring the store to your door.” They claim to provide delivery throughout the State of Illinois, operating between 10am and 10pm daily. They require a photo I.D. for delivery, credit or debit card, and drivers do not carry change. Remember everything we’ve shared with you regarding legal cannabis delivery in Illinois, and where things currently stand.

3. Chi High Tours

Chi High Tours provides tourists & locals with an opportunity to experience and learn more about cannabis while also showcasing the very best the City of Chicago has to offer. Similar to that of other tours we’ve discussed in the past, this is an events option to take advantage of with a group. Tour guides ensure that every guest has the proper dosage. On your tour you will also be given the opportunity to purchase cannabis at a popular local dispensary with recommendations from your guide. Tours will also provide great information on Chicago‚Äôs cannabis culture & lifestyle. This is a cool option to keep an eye on, as things start to open back up in Illinois.

Newest Illinois Cannabis Delivery, Edibles, and Tours

What are you looking for in Illinois cannabis? We want to hear from you and know what you’d like to see. We try to cover everything you can possibly think of when it comes to cannabis, even sex. Is there a cool up and coming product or service? Something we might not be aware of, in addition to what we’ve covered? Let us know so that we can continue to cover all good things in Pot In Illinois.