New Weed Delivery Service To Try, And Where It’s Available

New Weed Delivery Service To Try, And Where It's Available

As we head into the holidays and the winter months, we need our stuff delivered more than ever. We’re also dealing with Covid, what’s risky to do and what’s not, so it’s sometimes just easier to have stuff brought to us than dealing with going out. Cannabis is no exception. Here’s a new weed delivery service to try, and where it’s available:

Before we get to that, remember, weed delivery services have not yet been legalized in Illinois. We’ve provided a ton of information to you in the past about companies positioning themselves to get into that space, when the laws change. We’ve also talked about on demand cannabis delivery companies breaking into the market. But this one’s different.

How is this weed delivery service different?

Pelican Delivers, headquartered out of Washington State, claims to offer the only patented peer to peer, send a friend, pick up service on the market today. You can have your reserved products picked up by a “Pelican Friend,” from a licensed retailer, then brought to your home.

Here’s the way it works: You verify your age and address on the site, then allowing you to purchase cannabis products from your nearest dispensary. After you order and complete the checkout process, the service notifies you about your pickup info and when to expect it. When the friend arrives at your door, you validate your identity, and get your order. You can also order your products to pick up yourself, if you prefer.

So where is this service available?

They state that they’re available in 11 states. Customers can choose from a selection of their local dispensaries, and purchase their favorite recreational and medical cannabis products. There’s speculation that with the new administration coming on board in January, legal weed delivery may gain rapid momentum. But in the meantime, if you’re interested in finding out if this is available where you live, go to their site for details.

And what else?

Stay up to date through us on the latest in Illinois cannabis, including additional weed delivery services. Also, be sure to check out our update on which states offer legal weed delivery. Be sure to come back and visit all of our past posts, as they update regularly.