New small batch Chicago edibles to know about

New small batch Chicago edibles to know about

The South Side of Chicago doesn’t get enough love when it comes to the cannabis community in the city. The weed scene in this part of town has been around since long before the legalization wave. Some folks in this area even think of those in the legal market as opportunistic, and not truly committed to the plant. Whether or not you agree, you can’t argue that a lot of great products have come out of the South Side that continue to fly under the radar. These are all artisan, coming out of independent shops. Here’s new small batch Chicago edibles to know about.

Crybaby Sweets

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and love baked goods, this one is for you. As their Instagram says, they’re a small batch producer focusing on infused specialty cakes and sweet treats. You can DM them for their full menu, and order on their page. Other options include donuts, pastries, juices, and more.

This edibles chef also offers pop ups, private events and specials with other edibles chefs and events planners. As we get back to normal, events of this type are going to be huge this year into next, so it will be interesting to see what they have planned. Additionally, some of the partnerships include savory foods and drinks, so if that’s more your thing instead of sweets, check out what they’re up to.

What else

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