New Chicago Dispensary with Infused Ice Cream

New Chicago Dispensary with Infused Ice

Nothing says summer like ice cream does. And few things are better in today’s cannabis culture than hearing about a new, independently owned dispensary. Especially if it’s minority and women owned. This new place checks all of those boxes. Here’s a new Chicago dispensary with infused ice cream.

What and where

Chitiva isn’t new to Illinois, or even new to the Chicago metro area. They have had a location in southwest suburban Bridgeview for several months. But the new location is in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, conveniently located at 1948 W. North Ave.

What makes them different

If you like supporting independent, minority-owned businesses that sell their own product, you’ll want to check this out. While the menu is not up-to-date, they offer a wide varieties of edibles, drinks, concentrates, topicals, flower, are they are said to offer infused ice cream as well as slushies. Their Instagram is also a good source of updated info.

They also offer tours of their cultivation center, starting at $99 for 90 minutes. Special events such as Harvest Day and Tasting Experience also last 90 minutes and range from $20-$50.

What else

It’s always great to have new additions to the edibles and dispensaries available in the Chicago area and elsewhere. Hopefully we will continue to see more independent, minority owned, self contained dispensaries and other cannabis businesses open and thrive.

Many “experts” predict that when cannabis becomes legal on a federal level, the cannabis industry will start to resemble that of craft wine and beer more than it does now. While the big players will inevitably come in and dominate, there will be plenty of room for small craft producers. Especially as there will be an audience to support them, edibles is an area in which small independent businesses will continue to thrive.

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