New Chicago Cannabis Plant Based Edibles

New Chicago Cannabis Plant Based Edibles

The world of cannabis based edibles and infused dining is ever expanding. Especially in Illinois, we’re starting to see more variety, and in more places. The good news is, if you have dietary restrictions, you’re not left out of this scene. Are you vegan or vegetarian? If so, here’s info on new Chicago cannabis plant based edibles:

So what are the latest Chicago edibles?

Bobbi’s Baked has a mission of healing through sacred food. Chef Bobbi, who has a long history of healing through cannabis. According to her site, she wants to help relieve your physical pain while soothing the entire being in a safe and nutritious way. She has found the cannabis plant to be a gift from Mother Nature and hopes that you will find comfort and strength from it as well.

Chef Bobbi offers vegan private dining experiences, infused with cannabis. She will come to you, offering full service fine dining and everything in between. Whether you want custom edibles, dessert tables, or even infused cooking lessons, you can find something of value. You can contact her for schedules and rates, and even free recipes.

Cannabis infused dining and edibles

Be sure to keep up with us as we continue to expand upon the world of marijuana supper clubs and the best cannabis infused dining emerging today. We’ve covered Illinois, Michigan, and even the best edibles in California, and plan to do more in the coming weeks. We plan to continue to cover both private dining, as well as edibles available for purchase at point of service dispensaries. Keep an eye on the different dining scenes emerging in different parts of the country, depending on what’s already available and popular in that region, as well as the cannabis in that area. Be sure to check back often and we’ll keep you updated.