Need These Amazing THC Infused Gift Ideas?

Need These Amazing THC Infused Gift Ideas?

So what do you get for the weed lover in your life, if they have everything? And what do you get, if they want something weed infused, specifically? Maybe they have all of the cool trinkets and gadgets, and want to cut straight to the chase. You might be feeling challenged as to what to buy, in that case. However, you do have options. Are you stuck, do you need these amazing THC infused gift ideas?

Wait, what are these cool trinkets and gadgets?

We’ve found so many cool things for weed users that are actually useful, that we talked about recently. You can find something for everyone. We’ve also told you about cannabis dinner parties, which can make an awesome gift. But if you’re looking for something strictly THC infused? Maybe even portable? Then check this out:

1. 1906 Cannabis Drops

For the cannabis user who wants something fast acting and discreet, this is the perfect gift. These drops are essentially six fast acting weed pills. They contain formulas with single strain cannabis, herbs and plants to enhance a variety of moods. Each drop is vegan, gluten-free, with no calories. Users will feel the effects in around 20 minutes or less, which makes them perfect for tolerating all of those zoom holiday parties this year (and beyond.) Furthermore, the drops come in various formulas for these different moods, such as Love (arousal), Bliss (for happiness), Go (for energy), Chill (for relaxation), and Midnight (for sleep). As a result, this is a gift that a weed lover can use for nearly every occasion. Get more info here.

2. Artet Cannabis Aperitif

Artet, which we’ve featured before, is a cannabis beverage inspired by French and Italian-style liqueurs. This beverage is a blend of cannabis and seven botanicals, making for a delicious drink either straight up or on the rocks. What makes Artet such a cool THC infused gift is that the user can easily manage their dosing. The drinker can find the perfect pour and strength for each occasion. In addition, each bottle comes with a stainless steel shot glass to help pour. Get more details here.

3. ALT Liquid Cannabis

So before we get started on this one here, know that ALT stands for “Advanced Liquid Technology.” This premium product is put together in space travel packaging, to give it a bit of mystique, most likely. That said, if you want to give a gift to your weed enthusiast that is straight up unique, powerful, and high end, check this out. Each pack comes with five vials of 5mg of THC distillate blended with water. The vials are dosed in recommended 1mg metered hash marks. Your loved one can mix this with their favorite beverage this holiday season, and beyond. Learn more here.

So what else?

If you’re looking for these and other amazing THC infused gift ideas, be sure to check out our list of dispensaries. Also, if you or your gift recipient is new to cannabis, remember to go low and slow. At least until you know what your body can handle… Otherwise, happy shopping, and be sure to check back with us, as our posts update often.