Need The Latest Illinois Cannabis Supper Club To Open?

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We know that you all love your weed infused dining options, because you tell us often. Whether it’s here in Illinois, the Midwest, or elsewhere in the country, you want to know what your options are. So in keeping with that mission, we have the latest for you. Need the latest Illinois cannabis supper club to open?

So what is it, and where?

Chamba Life is the latest service to offer weed infused dining in Illinois, specific to Chicago. From their bio, they offer the ultimate experience in cannabis infused dinner parties. Their services range from producing small private pairing dinners, to large scale events, featuring infused cuisine prepared by critically acclaimed chefs. The service has put together events featuring up to 10 different courses, plus pastries and snacks. Examples of their events include their recent Fall Harvest Dinner Party, which featured herbal drink pairings by Stoned Dairy Farms, an Illinois mushroom farm, apothecary and fermentary.

What’s different about this service?

So what’s cool about Chamba Life, is that they offer their service with a twist. Unlike some of the other cannabis infused dinner parties companies we’ve featured, Chamba partners with different chefs for each event. As a result, the variety makes for interesting pairings, and an opportunity for diners to get introduced to chefs, cuisine, and themes that they might not otherwise be exposed to.

Sounds good, so how do you find out about their upcoming events?

You can learn more about Chamba through their website or their Facebook page, including info about upcoming parties and how to make reservations. Note that you’re probably better off trying to book your own private event, rather than attempting to get in on an existing one, because spots can be limited.

Bottom line

Don’t forget to stay up to date on our weed infused dining guides in Illinois, as well as nationwide. Furthermore, if you like supporting independent businesses, this is a great way to go, as these services are usually small shops. And small businesses need all the help they can get these days. What better way to do it, than through cannabis?