Need Tasty, Weed Infused Dinner, In The Latest Legalized States?

Need Tasty, Weed Infused Dinner

We take it you’ve heard the latest states to legalize adult and medical use cannabis by now. It’s gaining more and more momentum as we speak, and it’s only a matter of time before we legalize weed nationwide. We anticipate that coming. As a result, even though our main focus is Illinois, we want to keep you up to date on what’s happening across the country. Need tasty, weed infused dinner, in the latest legalized states?

So which are the latest states to legalize weed?

Pretty big news. Arizona, Montana, and New Jersey voted to legalize recreational pot, and South Dakota legalized recreational and medical at the same time, the first state to do so. Mississippi voted to legalize medical use cannabis – so keep an eye on them, as recreational use typically follows not too long after.

So where is this tasty, weed infused dinner, in the latest legalized states?

Here are the ones we have so far:

1. Arizona

The Mint Dispensary

The Mint Dispensary is out of Tempe, Arizona, and one of the largest dispensaries in the state. Mint Cafe is a kitchen within the dispensary, led by a team of five chefs. It offers a varied, THC infused menu, including items such as burgers, pizza, street tacos, mac and cheese, desserts, and more. The cafe’s mission is to deliver high-quality, sweet and savory food options that are convenient and flavorful, with a manageable THC content level.

2. New Jersey

New Jersey has a lot in common with the cannabis supper club scene in the New York area. That said, here’s a few options to add to the list, more specific to New Jersey or to the tri-state area.

Four Star Cannabis Dining

Chef Moises Vilomar and the affordable Four Star Cannabis Dining brings quality weed infusing dining to private homes. He offers a multi-course dinner, with offerings such as Penne Seafood Alfredo, Oven Salmon Oreganato, Soft Shell Crab, and more. Contact Chef Vilomar directly on the Four Star website for more info regarding scheduling, pricing, and further details.

Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza

If you’re in Jersey City, or within one hour, you’re in luck. Stoned Pizza is a delivery service that will bring a THC-infused, New York style pizza right to your door. Each eight-slice pie comes infused with 320mg of THC, for roughly $150, so this is not for the faint of heart in either cannabis consumption, or your wallet. That said, we heard that these pies are both potent and tasty, so check them out. You’ll be happy with the results.

Bottom Line

Don’t forget to check back on our weed infused dining guides in Chicago, our updates, and across the country. We’ll continue to do our best to keep current with cannabis supper club trends as they develop. So be sure to check back on this and all of our posts, and they will update often.