Need More Illinois Cannabis Job Training? Check Out The Latest Program

Need More Illinois Cannabis Job Training? Check Out The Latest Program

Still looking for a job, in these uncertain times? As we’ve said before, one of your best bets is to get into an emerging industry. And there’s no emerging industry better at the moment than the cannabis one. According to the Arcview Group, the global cannabis market will hit $42.4 billion by 2024. So if you want to get in on this, now is the time. We’ve covered a number of job training programs in the past, and promised to add to it as programs grow. So, need more Illinois cannabis job training? Check out the latest program:

Moraine Valley Community College is the latest school to launch a cannabis certificate program preparing students to work at a dispensary. Students will learn how to safely sell cannabis to patients and customers within the law, as well as the basics of cannabis retail operations. If you complete the course and earn the certificate, you’ll be qualified to start a career. You can become a retail specialist, budtender, store manager, operations associate, operations lead, assistant dispensary manager, dispensary manager or retail inventory manager.

So how long is the program?

You’ll need to put in 13 credit hours, which includes introduction to business, principles of retailing, cannabis introduction, cannabis laws and regulations, cannabis pharmacology and Microsoft Office 1. All of that may sound like a lot, but you can complete this certificate in as short a time as two semesters.

If you want more info about Moraine Valley’s cannabis retail certificate, complete the form so that the department can get in touch with you with more details. The Fall 2020 semester at Moraine Valley Community College starts August 24th, so if you’re interested, now if the time to look into this. Additionally, due to COVID, Moraine Valley is registering students remotely, which may actually be more convenient for you. So if you need more Illinois cannabis job training, check out this latest program. It will get you what you need quickly.

Majoring in marijuana? Here’s more info

Want our other resources for weed school? We’ve got several. You can check out these Illinois programs, as well as the ones we added soon after. If you prefer to study online outside of Illinois, these are your options. Regardless of whichever program you choose, as long as it provides you job opportunities, you should be fine. We will continue to add programs as they launch, so be sure to follow our site and stay updated.