Need legal weed in Illinois delivered to you?

Need Legal Weed In Illinois Delivered To You?

Hey everybody! As you probably know by now, legal weed in Illinois 2020 has been such a huge success since the January 1st kickoff that we’ve had shortage issues. Now, while it looks like those issues are quickly getting resolved, it’s still good to have options. You need to get creative in the way that you get your product. One of the cool things that we’ve seen take off in other states such as California and Colorado is cannabis delivery services. Does that interest you? Wouldn’t it be cool to get your pot delivered on the days that the weather sucks? Or when you’re sick? Or when you’re just too busy at work or in your day to day routine to get to the dispensary? Do you need legal weed in Illinois delivered to you?

Check out what’s available below:

1. Potala

Potala is a Chicago area cannabis delivery service. Their focus is in providing high quality marijuana products from the best cannabis dispensaries, available for delivery in the Chicagoland area. Offering a huge number of strains at different price points, the company’s main focus is the quality. As a customer, you can choose from the best organic products at an affordable price. You can order online, and then get your product delivered to you, in a variety of zip codes. Interested? Learn more here.

2. Where’s Weed

Where’s Weed is another delivery service for Chicago area pot customers. They originally specialized in servicing medical patients, but since the legalization, they have branched out to servicing recreational customers as well. The site also has information on area doctors, as well as strains available and what they do. You can also read through reviews and recommendations. Find out more info on this cool service, including their delivery details here.

3. 420 Grow Gods Chicago

420 Grow Gods Chicago is another Chicago marijuana delivery service. This one is a small shop with limited delivery hours and areas, so be sure to contact them first to confirm. They don’t charge a delivery fee, but they do require a $125 minimum purchase. They are based in the 60619 zip code, so if you’re in and around that area, this service might be a good fit for you. Learn more info and check out their offerings here.

4. 3Chi

If you’re into Delta 8, you’re in luck. 3Chi has a robust line of products, including edibles, flower, carts, concentrates, tinctures, and more. Average dosage per edible is 50 mg. Just go to the main menu and make your selection to see what they have to offer. And don’t forget, one of the advantages of Delta 8 is that interstate delivery is not illegal. Just as long as the delivery is from one legal state to another.

Updates To This Post

Since we first posted this article, we’ve discovered more resources to share with you. Check out the future of cannabis delivery services in Illinois. We’ve also got a roundup for you on delivery, edibles, and tours, for an overview of what’s out there to take advantage of.

But Wait, There’s More…

For those of you in the Michigan area, not only can you get delivery, you can now get on-demand services as of October 2020. Check out our update on who’s delivering cannabis on demand, and where in Michigan, where to get THC infused ice cream, and new on-demand delivery.

What’s next

So in this fast moving cannabis Illinois world, it’s good to know we have choices. We can get resourceful as to how and when we get our marijuana, especially for those of us who are slammed for time. If you need a delivery on the fly, the above places are great to consider, plus more since we’ve first posted this article, so you’re not caught short or waiting around. And as more resources come on the scene, we’ll be sharing them with you here. Cheers!