Need another Chicago Weed Club for your list?

Need another Chicago Weed Club for your list?

Are you going back out yet? With everything opened up again, we’ve got more 420 entertainment choices than ever before. This trend is showing no sign of slowing down, especially people are demanding more options. Are you into events and activities centered around cannabis? If so, need another Chicago weed club for your list?

What it is

The Spark Clubs, located on Chicago’s South Side, has a little bit of everything to offer, which makes it pretty unique in this case. So if you’re the kind of cannabis enthusiast that likes to try different immersion experiences, you’ll be interested in learning more.

Also, the South Side doesn’t get as much attention as the North Side does in terms of the city’s weed scene, so it’s worth checking out for that reason alone. The South Side has a very vibrant and diverse cannabis culture.

What makes it different

The club offers everything from infused dinners, to party busses, to high life tours. They even offer corporate events centered around team building.

In addition, they will work with you on accommodations in the form of short term vacation rentals and event spaces. All 420 friendly, which is great option to learn more about, since cannabis hotels and lodging is still a brand new thing.

They even also offer corporate partnerships and specials for property owners. Go to their site for more info.

Additional details

The Spark Clubs will work with customers on membership options, if that’s something you want to consider. Membership might be a good fit if you’re planning on taking advantage of their multiple selections.

What else?

Look for more from us soon on upcoming 420 holiday events and Chicago weed clubs, as well as greater Illinois and beyond. We’ll also have cannabis gift guides and news for you on deals as we get closer to Christmas and the New Year.