More details on 420 events, travel, sales, and deals now

More details on 420

With the big day coming up next week, everything in the cannabis world is focused on where, when, and how to celebrate. Depending on where you are, your options will vary. Here’s some links to help you find more details on 420 events, travel, sales and deals now:


Weedmaps has an excellent overview of what’s happening in 420 events from a national perspective. And yes, they remembered to include Illinois.

Chicago Sun-Times

If you want more of a drill down on local events, deals, discounts, and more, here’s a good rundown. Heads up that a subscription may be required.

Chicago Tribune

Weed tourism is getting increasingly popular, especially as it relates to cannabis infused dining. Here’s an overview of what’s out there, as well as the history behind the scene, in both Illinois and Michigan. Another subscription may be required, fyi.

What else

We’ve covered the 420 topic exhaustively ourselves, which you can go back and see here and here. After that, we will move on to what to expect late spring and early summer as we get into the height of the travel season. We will also cover 710 and where things are these days from a national standpoint.

Be sure to check back often as all of our posts update as needed.

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