More Chicago 420 events to put on your calendar now

More Chicago 420 events to put on your calendar now

If you’ve been following us for the last several weeks, you know 420 is a huge deal this year. We’re back in person, getting closer to 100% as the weeks progress. We’re also learning about more happenings and activities to bring to your attention, so we want to be sure to do that as soon as we hear about them. Here’s more Chicago 420 events to put on your calendar now.

When were the other events posted?

We’ve posted a number of others, some of which are taking place on 420 or that whole weekend. Others are 420 related expos and events happening at various points throughout the year.

So what are these new ones coming up?

In the runup to 420, we’ll be seeing many more in the next few weeks. These two are the latest:

Cannafest Chicago

Now, a heads up about this one: It’s April 9th and 10th, not on 420 itself. Cannafest Chicago is an expo an expo that will be held from 11am-6pm both days, featuring panels, awards and sponsors.

The thing that might really interest you is the after party starting at 7:00pm, with live music. Ravenswood Events Center, 4021 N. Ravenswood, Chicago.

Freedom Festival

This one is actually on 420, but it’s at an undisclosed location in Bensenville, so know that upfront. 2:00-8:00pm, with DJs and vendors, 21 and up only. More info here.

What’s next

Keep an eye out not only for more 420 events, but other weed-centric holidays later this year. 710 is the new up and comer, for all of you fans of concentrates and oils out there. Expect to see a good number of festivals. Since it will be mid summer, this is a natural fit.

In the meantime, be sure to check back as this post will update with more events as needed.

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