More Cannabis Supper Clubs In Chicago for you

More Cannabis Supper Clubs In Chicago

Way back when, legal cannabis in Illinois first became a thing in January. Seems so long ago, doesn’t it? We’ve talked about a lot of stuff since then, covered a lot of creative activities, and discussed trends. One of the hottest things happening is the growth of the edibles scene. We told you about cannabis supper clubs in the area. A lot of you have asked us for more info and more resources, so we’re giving that to you now. So here’s more cannabis supper clubs in Chicago for you:

As a side note, make sure that you call ahead to these places to double check on what they’re doing right now. Make sure they’re open, that they do curbside pickup, if appropriate. Also check to see if they are doing cannabis infused food at the moment. They may be, or may not, so it’s good to find out what your options are in advance.

More Cannabis Supper Clubs In Chicago

1. The Herbal Chef

The Herbal Chef is a cannabis supper club headquartered in Los Angeles, with a regional location in Chicago. Founder Christopher Sayegh created the platform to help de-stigmatize cannabis through modern cuisine. As a result, The Herbal Chef has become an important part of the legal cannabis world in the food and beverage sector. The platform has grown to include highly trained and accomplished chefs, providing both infused and non-infused dining options. For their infused cuisine, they customize dosages for each person at the dinner party. This is so that each diner is comfortable and enjoys the meal without overdoing it, so to speak. Click here for info about options, pricing, or just to get further details.

2. Tournant Chi

Tournant Chi specializes in infused private fine dining experiences in the Chicago area that they promise to be amazing. They aim to provide expertly curated pairings for a whimsical, unique, and safely guided experience their diners will never forget. Tournant Chi works closely with clients to ensure a satiated, relaxed, high dinner. Founded by Chef Angelina Bastidas and cannabis consultant Sarah Mitchell, Tournant Chi’s mission includes educating as well as entertaining their diners. For more information on their offerings, pricing, and non-infused meals for curbside pickup, click here.


As we’ve said many times, this is an exciting time in the world of cannabis infused cuisine. Look for more of these cool supper clubs to come on line in the future, with various themes and offerings. Now in the meantime, just like the rest of the restaurant scene these days, things are shut down in many ways. That said, many of these places offer non cannabis infused dining options for curbside pickup. So if you’re looking for great places to support and get some awesome meals, check one of these out, as well as more THC infused food updates since this post!